Nori West's Just Another Celeb Baby

September 29, 2014
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September 30, 2014

The Kimye clan hit up Paris Fashion week for the Givenchy show and as has come to be the norm whenever there’s a Kimye sighting, the internet went mad – yet probably not for the reason one may think.

No, it wasn’t Kim’s curves that caught mass attention this time – Nor was it Kanye’s antics – It was baby Nori.


Now I’m no stranger to the opinions people voice regarding celeb babies. Since the early millennium we’ve seen press coverage on celeb kids go from “Oh what a cute baby! She has her mother’s nose!” to “That child is ugly, dirty, probably isn’t even theirs and will grow up to be a crackhead.” I can’t say whether that change was gradual/unexpected or not – I’m currently still caught up on figuring out whether it came about as a result of the “acceptance”/abuse of freedom of expression – Or whether finally society’s obsession cum love/hate relationship with celebrities caught up with them and now no one’s safe and nothing’s sacred.


Celebrity’s grimy – So very, very gross – and lately I realize, in certain cases that’s due to the consumers and not the celebrities themselves. This will not be another “Cut Kanye some slack” piece not will I try to stand up for Kim on any level – This is about Nori and you, the celeb culture consumer.


Currently Nori probably has no idea who she really is, in the grand scheme of things/the public eye – Her family’s her family, her experiences are just that – things she’s privileged enough to experience/enjoy, whether she knows it or not.  She’s mommy and daddy’s little baby and with every article she’s in, every snapshot I encounter, every tweet I encounter about her I dread the day she finally wisens up to who she is and what that means to a lot of people.

Nobody seems to really think she’s a child and I think that’s due to two reason:

1. She’s a girl.

2. She’s the girl child to one of the most famous couples on Earth and is born into one of the most public families in the entertainment industry.

People either love or hate the Kardashians and the same applies for Kanye West. They’re old, they’ve lived and had their fair share of foot-in-mouth moments and glory so whatever argument against them any rational adult wants to make is their own personal gripe – That’s not my case.

Kim Kardashian dressed down while leaving town with Nori

Nori’s just another celeb baby. And my, does the public treat her a such! She is in no way exempt from the envy/resentment people feel for her parents/her – and that’s terrifying.

There’re those who fake outrage and want to claim that Nori must  be a pawn for her famous parents because duh, celeb parents don’t have hearts, we all know that! “How dare they put her in that position?” They ask. “It’s obvious they don’t really care about her!” They deduce, based on a half visible picture of Kim running into/out of a building because the paparazzi no longer care to be decent people and there are currently no laws against their being so close.

“Just look at them!” They shriek. Forgetting that these are the lives they live. Kim and Kanye are entertainers – Entertainers make appearances and travel and get to sit front row at Paris Fashion Week – That’s the kind of life they live. And what would you rather they do? Leave Nori in a hotel room/with a nanny? Then they’d be considered neglectful, by the general public, of course because the way this popularity contest is set up, it’s sort of 50/50 – You detest them but crave their sightings/insight/fashion advice.

In this game, Nori’s a pawn for those who can’t possibly fathom/accept that not only is are Kimye still around, they’re thriving as a force to be reckoned with. Unlike Blue Nori’s yet to be called outright ugly by anyone that I’ve seen – possibly because she’s a “cute little mixed baby” to those who attack Blue’s hair, face and very existence – but that does not mean that the constant critiquing of her by strangers is any less toxic – It’s obsessive,  disturbing and the child isn’t even two yet! Which makes the next point/argument even more uncomfortable to me – The fact that many people decided to sexualize Nori’s PFW lace outfit without a care in the world.

Givenchy : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015

Is it because of who she is, again, or the fact that she’s a girl child, that makes these things okay to some?

Isn’t she still in diapers? Can she even speak? And yet the online community tried to chastise Kim [Because it’s obviously her fault, she’s the “whore”, right?] for dressing in matching outfits with her daughter – her baby! This wasn’t some trashy Toddlers in Tiaras outfit by the way, as you can see – and yet grown people had the audacity to feign outrage at what she had on.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian out in Paris

Was it the lace? Was it the fact that her mother’s outfit was similar and she’s a sex symbol? Or was it the fact that people simply can’t be bothered to separate femininity from sexuality, no matter what age the girl is?

How is it Kim’s fault that you look at Nori and sexually suggestive imagery/thoughts pop up? Isn’t that something you should address as an individual?

Is the Kimye clan as terrible as you think or are you just a mess caught up in the celeb culture with no semblance of decency anymore and no sense of what’s real and what isn’t – Of what’s a problem, and what isn’t?