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The new baby Hispanic  names making waves on the  voting list.

  • Lola
  • Maria
  • Ernesto
  • Isabella
  • Santos
  • Carmen
  • Diego
  • Sierra
  • Miguel
  • Luis



New baby name trend emerging across the United States has a South of the Border flair. According to Belly Ballot an authority website that tracks pregnant couples baby name choices in real-time, predicts that 2014 will see a large emergence of Latino names based on their latest data.

Across the United States, White/Caucasian couples are increasingly naming their children with Latino names a trend which is said to be linked to  Hispanic population increases across the US along with the cultural influences that come with it.

One strong reason for White couples trending towards Latino names is the desire to better assimilate in the emerging multicultural climate of the United States.  Tiffany Wilson, a mom in Millersville, Tennessee from Irish-German descent, wants her daughter to more easily relate with her peers. “We want our child to fit in,” says Tiffany.  “Hispanic culture is growing rapidly here in Tennessee.  Her friends are Hispanic, her future bosses will be Hispanic…we just don’t want her to be different.  I think having a Latino name has helped her make friends.”

The argument continues with different opinions and views on whether or not he trend has a positive or negative impact on the general population.

Nadia Villapudua, a California school psychologist, has also observed this cultural shift. “Elementary education is where we are seeing a large demographic change. In historically white communities, Hispanics have now become either a significant minority or an outright majority.  This growth will have an impact on how these traditional cultures raise children.”

Shaina Heimpel, a Caucasian mom from Colorado Springs feels giving her daughter the Latino name of Isabella definitely opens up more opportunity for her child in the U.S.  “I did well in school with a 3.5 GPA…but doors didn’t open, there were no scholarships for someone like me. My Hispanic friends on the other hand got scholarships and grants. Isabella will now have every opportunity available to her, and not go through what I did. Although she’s already a quarter Hispanic, that name is the only thing I can do for her that will pave the way for her life.”

But this hasn’t gone down well for  James Logsdon, a top member for the Creativity Movement, an advocacy group for the expansion and advancement of the white race, feels this trend is the result of white guilt being taught in schools and the mainstream media. “Abandoning your culture for another is highly negative,” says James.  “Your family comes from a culture, and for someone to abandon that is treasonous.  I understand they don’t want their children to suffer in this country for being white, but these parents are forcing their white guilt onto the children.”

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