Divas of colour 2015 to honour great women

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October 23, 2014
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Divas of colour flyerDivas of colour International women’s day is a special day set aside to recognise, celebrate and reward the efforts of women of colour from around the globe. The event which was launched earlier this year and now going to its second edition, has fast become the most prestigious award for women of colour. The day is a fully packed one , including bringing back shopping in the African style for women of colour . A glamorous way to bring face to face brands for women of colour with the women who need the brands most. A huge day to sample different brands and for brands to pitch their brands to the their consumers.

A sponsor for the 2015 event says, “We at AfroDeity are so pleased to once again be a part of Divas of colour, we officially launched our own brand of luxury products at Divas of Colour 2014 and made so many lasting connections that we wanted to once again take part this year as a sponsor. Not only do we get to support a worthwhile charity and all the people who come together to make this a one of a kind event, we also get to interact and network with the most amazing women of colour”

– Alicia Thornthwaite Owner Afrodeity, the makers of the luxury brand Joliette .jolitte add


Divas of colour not only bring brands to the attention of buyers, but it also brings to light the women of colour doing great things in our communities. It does not only celebrate celebrities, but those unsung great women , you don’t always hear about. The unconventional achievers.


Also, the event features fashion show, showcasing great authentic designs by women of colour with a special showcase from Kwame Koranteng bespoke tailoring . Also on the night is a pageant  to find the Diva Face of colour model, who is Diverse, Intelligent, Versatile, and able to stand for women of colour on any platform.

The 2015 award has very interesting and great names to be honoured and we’re proud to be a media sponsor to the event.

The complete list of women to be honoured and the award finalists are

Lifetime Achievement award recipients 

1. Prof. Elizabeth Anionwu

2. Sherry Ann Dixon


Women of honour award recipients 

1. Cllr Anna Mbachu

2. Princess Deun Solarin

3. Cllr Kate Anolue.


Diva Ambassador finalists

1. Theodora Ibekwe

2. Rita Nzelu

3. Lindani Moyo

4. Sandra Nelson

5. Rhoda Wilson



Inspirational Diva finalists

1. Amora Dance.

2. Princess Betty Makoni

3. Dr Diahanne Rhiney

4. Vinna Best

5. Sandra Nelson

6. Jennifer Garreth

7. Parmi Dheensa


Diva Entrepreneur finalists

1.Vanessa Oluwole

2.Theodora Ibekwe

3.Rhoda Wilson

4. Jumoke Ariyo

5. Alicia Thornthwaite

6. Mavis Amankwah


Outstanding Diva finalists

1. Theodora Ibekwe

2.Princess Betty Makoni

3. Parmi Dheensa

4.Genevive Elliot

5. Mavis Amankwah


Diva Author/writer finalist

1. Ibitola Ojoye

2. Ava Brown

3. Ladonna Marie


Diva Presenter finalists

1. Marjorie F. Fielder

2. Edma Ohemaa Lawer

3. Ayshia Armani


Diva Mua finalists

1. Joy Adenuga

2. Yewande Ali

3. Marieka Hall


Diva Artist finalists

Boma Diri

Roucheon Iloyi


Diva MUA

No nominations were received for this category.