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November 18, 2014
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A lady of many talents, not only is Sandra Nelson a qualified linguist (BA Linguistics), she is also a well established financial adviser (at a leading UK bank), a certified business analyst , motivational speaker, as well as a minister, the founder of LIFTEFFECTS,  a wife, a mother of two and the author of bestselling book “The Giant within Us”.

sandra grace

Her latest book, Super Abundance Grace, is a short read yet the information within goes a long way in guiding people on their journey. Super Abundance Grace is circulating the globe and so far is succeeding in its mission to help transform the hearts and lives of women from all walks of life.

super abundance grace

“My daughter read my copy yesterday and after few pages she said: Mum this book is very simple to understand and powerful in words. She continued to say mummy I read books without knowing the Author and all I do is to picture the Author but with this book I know the author and the words in the book echo her life style…” Adelaide Ansah (UK)

“This book super abundance grace is a manual for life. It explains how you should work your faith and never give up whatever circumstance you are going through the book tells us it is never too late. I would just like to say a very big thank you to the author; Deaconess Sandra Nelson for such a book like this. The many testimonies shared in this book are encouraging and it feels as though I am at lady to lady event…(sic) The book talks about forgiveness and moving on in your life to greater heights through Christ Jesus. I know that as a result of this book family’s are being restored, women that were called barren are going to be pregnant, crime will decrease and the glory of God will be seen like never before. What you need to do now is get this book. If you feel you are at your last bus stop, like their is nothing else you can do, don’t give up read this book and your life will never remain the same. This book will transform your life.” Aaliyah (UK)

To purchase the book order it from Amazon here and delve into Nelson’s insight.