SELMA_poster2015 have seen one of the most important and well executed movies of all time. Selma, the movie which depicts the not often heard stories of the life of Martin Luther King Jnr played brilliantly by David Oyelowo.  The most well received story ever told in the positive light on the struggles of Black people in the United states.  Unfortunately to everyone’s dismay, has been snubbed by most awarding bodies in world entertainment.  Both the Grammy’s and Bafta flipped out the most horrendous excuses why Selma wasn’t  nominated.  As well as mainstream media campaign against its historical accuracy .  Which foretells and confirms what is already known that Hollywood and the media has  and will only celebrate Black actors and movies that present Black people in the same subservient line that fits into their narrative.

I admire  Lupita  so much, maybe because she’s the only that’s been chosen to be in the limelight at this time. If Lupita played a more glamorous dignified role, would she still be celebrated by the same people. I will leave that to itself.  Lupita is just one out of so many talented Black youths displaced by racism and prejudice in this day and age.

Today, so many, millions of Black people are going to boycott the Oscars in protest for Selma. I myself refused to write any commentary pre-Oscar . I still can’t fathom why David has not been nominated for best actor or the film for something more deserving if not for the patronising  in best pictures and best original music,  as if to pacify the people’s expectation.

Selma has been able to stand it’s ground because of the heavy weight behind the movie – Oprah. Oprah is undeniably one of world’s most influential people both in the media and the movie industry . I guess it’s not easy for them to flip past her in this instance.

Nothing around racism surprises me any longer, I have come to realise that it’s going no where because it is the product of the institutions there be and it is from it alone that they can buy and sell their superiority narrative.  What surprises me though is how well choreographed the pretence is within the same institutions.  Unfortunately, however well rehearsed it is, once in a while,  it slips through from under the coat into the light and people can again see and remember.

Just few days ago, young White hooligans were filmed chanting – we’re racist, we’re racist in a Metro train, and were seen pushing out a young Black gentleman from the same train. A footage which clearly shows the faces of these gangs and nuisances yet, here we yet again have the police  telling us they will investigate . Of course, they have to investigate. Then as I watched on Sky News, how they all pretend to be surprised at the actions of these boys, and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.   These guys do not know that the world already know there stances when it comes to race.  I read in some clumsy papers how one of the gangs has been described as an innocent charming boy just happens to be in the wrong company, going further to tell us how many thousands his home is worth. Crap, as if those qualifies him to not to face the consequences of his actions.  Wait, Newspapers, if he was a Black boy, the narrative would have been something else.

How many are we to talk about? How about Arrigo Sacchi whom I’ve awarded the winner football face of racism and his comment showing clearly his discomfort that Black boys are actually far talented than their counterparts to play in the nation’s team.  My word to the world is “as long as the world refuse to move forward, they  will only   continue to see colour instead of talent in every walk of life”.

Back to Oscar, congratulations to Oprah as we hope she win’s the two nominations for the film. And congratulations to David, you remain our winner.  For us at home who will obligatorily watch the ceremony, let’s see how it plays out.


“Racism will not go any where until we humans wake up from our prejudices and realise that everything on earth have various forms and colours. Until we realise that racism is a form of madness which can only be cured by opening our mind to let go ignorance.”