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June 24, 2015
Menelik Shabazz
Exclusive: Menelik Shabazz Talks On The 12th Black Filmmakers International Film Festival.
June 24, 2015

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Reflextion UK Shorts selection, Saturday 4th July 16:30
Director: Menelik Shabazz

Country: UK, 2005, 8 mins

Synopsis: Aiesha is a superwoman, until one day she looks in the mirror and her whole life collapses. An encounter with an ancestral spirit that helps transform her life. Starring Ellen Thomas, Judith Jacobs

And Then

Director: Karamuu Kush
Country: USA, 2013, 30 mins

Synopsis: A coming of womanhood story about one woman’s confrontation of issues surrounding body image, communication and the psychology of sex.

They Are We

Dir: Emma Christopher

Country: Cuba
Synopsis: Despite slavery and repression, song and dance connect an Afro-Cuban group with their ancestral home in Sierra Leone. A song sang on slave ships by their ancestor, known only as Josefa bring the two peoples together.

Director: Leonard Oguntade

Country: UK, 2015, 6 mins- short film

Synopsis: A black woman finds porn starring only white women on her boyfriend’s IPAD. Film contains explicit images/language and is suitable for an adult audience only.

Fan Do Brasil
Fan Do Brazil

Director: Steve James
Country: Brazil, 2012, 52 mins

Synopsis: Rui Moreira, Brazilian dancer/choreographer FAN‘s artistic director takes us through his own quest for identity. From the oppressive darkness of the gold mines, where his ancestors suffered, to the splendour of Recife’s carnival which celebrates the great Black kings of the Congo

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