Sascha Grant
From the early days of my design career in Botswana, I’ve always loved leather. My inspiration from leather comes from the first inhabitants of Botswana and our wild animals in general.

Sascha Grant bags are hand made and contemporary. We use the finest leather and instill each products with passion. Sascha Grant bags are versatile, combining street style, elegance and class.

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AFWL Exhibitor 1
Anaisarts is all about colourful and vibrant African inspired accessories, clothing, arts & crafts.


“The Aṣọ brand produces ethically manufactured African-inspired t-shirts, vests, t-dresses, sweatshirts, denim jackets, and accessories for men, women, and children. The brand was launched less than a year ago at AFWL 2014.
Over the past year, Aṣọ has collaborated with artists including Kayo Anosike, Olisa Nwadiogbu, and Kosichukwu Nndbe. The result has been garments and accessories that have featured iconic images including a Black Madonna, Iyoba Idia, and modern abstract designs. In celebration of our first birthday, Aṣọ will be unveiling some new designs from new artistic collaborations at AFWL 2015.”

Continent Clothing
Continent Clothing is the colourful and comfy brand aiming to bring African colour and culture to the UK. Want to stand out? Want to start a new trend? Bored of the same designs repeating themselves year after year?

L.O.G. Cosmetics
Over the years we have seen our ideas, creativity and passion for beauty come together.Our company prides itself in offering high quality natural cosmetics for all women of colour.

Porjai Thai Printer
Brand Profile: We are a textile designer who has been producing textile to East and West Africa for over 30 years. We specialise in Java, Super-wax, wax, glitter textile. We have a team of talented textile designers, who are willing to work with you for special customisations.

KILUMBA’s (beautiful woman), an African inspired fashion brand of choice, symbol of quality, style and comfort internationally. Created in late 2013 by the main designer and founder, the Angolan Luciana Peres and her team. The first ready-to-wear and accessories brand of African origin and Lusophone and international coverage.

Primavera Fitness
We offer an array of tropical sun seeking prints, in high quality Brazilian colourfast, dry-fit lycra. Our collections are tailored with movement in mind and our fabric is perfect for those high performance sports offering breathability and comfort. From, running, yoga, the gym and just chilling at home or with friends, Primavera Fitness guarantees a fit to keep you moving freely.

Your hair says a lot about you. It tells the world that you are modern, empowered and dynamic. Sometimes you love it. Sometimes you hate it. But it is always uniquely your own. You are beautiful on your own terms, not someone else’s. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. Because when it comes to self-expression, you don’t just wear your style each day — you own it.

With over 20 years of trusted multi-textured hair experience, Motions enables true self-expression by offering endless styling possibilities without compromising healthy hair. So you can continue to own your unique style with confidence each and every day.

Njema Helena
Njema Helena is a fashion company established in Nairobi, Kenya. It strives to create modern fashion with an African aesthetic for everyday life, while ensuring sustainable and fair production of all its products in Kenya.

Needle Point
The Needle Point Shop is a lifestyle brand defined by the love for African Culture and Fashion. As a brand, Needle Point focuses in the creation of contemporary ready-to-wear clothes in African print. It is distinguished by the use of high quality prints and embellishments to create timeless pieces that transcend seasons, in addition to an impeccable customer service. It caters to the personal style needs of its clientele of varied ages, who seek to be effortlessly stylish, elegant and comfortable in their clothes.

Founded by Creative Director, Theresa Onwuka as a hobby in 2006, Needle Point was re-launched in 2010 with the opening of its flagship store in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Theresa has a passion of making women look amazing in her timeless pieces. According to her, “it’s all about adding that touch of effortless chic to every piece”.

A need to collaborate with other brands, while staying true to the core brand DNA saw the launch of a commensurate line, “Needle Point Xchange” in October 2014. Each Xchange collection is exclusive to the brand it is associated with. In this way, the uniqueness and intrinsic values of the collection are maintained

Sherene Melinda
Sherene Melinda is a London-based designer handbag brand with a vibrant collection of South-African inspired springbok hair-on-hide handbags.

Combining the brand’s African heritage with the latest London trends, Owner and Creative Director Sherene Robson has dreamt up a range of handbags that are truly one of a kind.

Ubuntu Fashions
‘Ubuntu’, is derived from a Zulu phrase ‘Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu’, meaning ‘a person is a person through other people’. Our existence would not be complete without the existence of other people. We need each other in order to exist. The founders being Christians, could relate to this belief, and are advocates for ‘love your neighbour, as you love yourself’ – Matt 22:39

The business is therefore a fusion of the philosophy ‘Ubuntu’ and Fashion, aiming to change the negative morality that reigns in the fashion industry. Out with the ‘me, myself and I’ attitude; UBUNTU Fashion celebrates ‘You, Me and Us’.