How Dustin Brown took over Wimbledon centre court to defeat Nadal.

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July 3, 2015
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July 5, 2015
Dustin Brown defeats Rafael Nadal .

Dustin Brown defeats Rafael Nadal .

The not so popular face of an unknown name, a Black German player emerged on Thursday to play world number one, Rafael Nadal. Initially I was filled with an ‘err’! Well lets see how it goes. Then the first set comes and Brown’s display of audacity and confidence made me to sit tight and witness history unfold.

I was watching with my 3 daughters. It was a beautiful thing to see. The inspiring performance from Brown can only be described as a genius act . Giving  the world champion a rude awakening as he wins the first set authoritatively with minimal effort.

Brown stood, tall and unruffled, with his long brown locks dancing behind him as he jumped around charged with what I call fire from within. His eyes were focused and in them was seen a hunger, a determination and conviction. There was no doubt this unknown man was out for something .

The audience was taken a little aback as they watched with amazement not sure what to expect. It was not long before this Tiger unleashed the ‘god’ in him  as he follows the sun rays  either way .  The first four winners of the first set was such an easy does it, giving the commentators something to giggle about . It was such a surreal moment in the centre court. Somebody wake me up!

Next, Brown went on to submerge all known tennis predictions, upturned all conventions and fearlessly  was all over the world champion. Rafael Nadal  who could be seen sweating in disbelief .

Describing his tactics, his serving of aces in such a routine manner, consistently going for a drop shot, no doubt he made every use of his height , stretching his hands or legs to manoeuver any servings or returns with such an ease.  From near the net, he gives Nadal  squash shots , played drop volleys, and could go as low as anything, to pick a ball from the ground sometimes his racket could be seen dragging sand.

Then he goes down on his knees with a double handed stroke, with his racket almost on his face as he attempted to return a serve. He was dramatic, entertaining as well as professional in his display. He’s a character that will not be easily forgotten.

With an unstoppable momentum, unbelievable strength of will and a characteristic display of showmanship, the new man became the centre court’s focal point, one everyone remembered . A brilliant moment once again for Wimbledon to discover yet another talented tennis wonder. Just like Serena and Venus Williams have always done.

Without question, the  world champion Rafael Nadal was crashed out from the Grand Slam. Reputation became irrelevant, conventions suspended and the audience was calmly cheering with  amazement clearly in their eyes.  Dustin Brown walks out with pride and a wave as he inks his name in the history books.