CA award 2015 : Event program

CA award : Introducing live on stage singer T' Cue
November 12, 2015
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November 14, 2015

Ticket(VIP)-CA Award (revision1).jpg sold outWe’re finally here, exactly 7 days to this year’s most prestigious creativity award. We’ve done everything and all is now in place to welcome and host all our guests, awardees, our colleagues and members of the press
CA award is set to be the event of the year, a not to be missed.
CA award all
Date: Saturday 21 Nov, 2015
Time: 5.00 P.M prompt.
Venue: Hilton Hotel Tower bridge , London SE1 2BY.

Tickets – VIP tickets are now sold out. For ordinary tickets go here

There will not be any tolerance for late coming. As soon as doors close, late comers will have to wait on the foyer for when the doors open again at break time.

5.00P.M : Red carpet,reception and networking. Time to visit trade stands.
There will be drinks cash bar on site.

6.00pm : Door opens

6.30P.M: Door Closes, event starts.

6.45P.M : Opening Prayer

7.00:P.M : Welcome speech

7.10.P.M: Opening act – Hyper Hype performs

7. 20P.M: Dr Yvonne Thompson speech

7.30P.M: Food /2nd performer – Jennifer

7. 40P.M: First phase of awards categories

7.50P.M: Second phase of awards categories

8.00P.M: Break

8.05.P.M: 3rd performer Justified Prince

8.10P.M: Third Phase award of award categories

8.15. P.M: Cllr Anna Mbachu Keynote speech

8.20P.M: Fourth Phase of award categories

8.30P.M – 4th performer – Precious Ngwu

8.40P.M: Eze Ihenacho – Speech -Five finger theory.

8.50P.M: 5th phase award category
9.00P.M : BREAK

9.05 : Winston Ellis speech

9.20 : 6th phase of awards categories

9.30 : 5th performer – Carol Jiani

9.40 : 7th phase award categories

10.00: 8th Phase award categories

10.10 : BREAK

10.20: 9th phase award categories

10.30: 10th phase award categories

11.00: 11th phase award categories

11.20: Headline performance – Valentine performs

11.30: Closing remarks
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