Paris shooting: Another mass shooting but, have we learnt a thing?

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November 13, 2015
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November 14, 2015

It has gradually become the new normal. Unfortunately we all have to ‘live and die’ with it. If you are lucky to not get killed in it, you are in to live with mourning the dead or you’re one of the mourned. That is the reality we face as humans in the 21st century.

Last night I retired early to my bed having worked all day, I need some calm and peace. My idea of calm was to listen to music and think about things more important like reflecting on my relationship with my kids, my friends, my family and people who have been on my way today. Then, I got the first glimpse of the news by accident. Again! Was my first reaction.
Was I shocked? No. Was I surprised? No. Was I heart broken? Yes.

We are all heartbroken and condone with the affected at times like this . But, afterwards what next? We all move about our business as usual. And that is the problem. Business as usual.

As long as we move on, these things are going to become even more of a daily occurrence we will have to either live with or die from. Yes, the world has become so interwoven that no one people can do without the other. The world has become so connected and together that you can no longer do one thing in one place and expect the other not to know about it. There’s no longer any hiding place for anyone.

The truth is, your passport, your nationality, race, religion or gender is no longer a guarantee of your safety. The earlier humans begin to see each other as members of the same race – human race, the earlier we can get close to normality that we used to know.

Terrorism. Ask yourself what is terrorism and who is a terrorist? How is a number of lunatics going on a shooting spree in the name of religion different from a Police officer going off on a shooting spree of people who look different from him? How is mass shooting in France different from mass shooting in Tunisia , Nigeria, Sudan, Mali, Kenya? How is it different from a lunatic walking into a church opening fire on innocent people who have welcomed him in their midst?

And why is it different from shooting at sight anyone dimmed a threat to establishments. Why is it different from using the media to tarnish the image of a group of people in other to gain control over them? Why is it different from a world trusted organisation using vaccines and aid mission to perpetrate extermination or reduction of a group the choose?

Why is one people’s death or life more important than the others? The truth is we are all deluded thinking as long as we are in this group or in this location, we are safe. But, last night has again reminded us otherwise. Whether you’re in the US armed with your second amendment right, or you’re in Nigeria at the Sambisa forest, or you are in Kenya Nairobi, we all face the same fate, the same fears, the same uncertainty. Whether you shop in Paris, or in Kenya, whether your flight seat is first class or economy, we all face the same fear of meeting this kind of ending. Whether your children are in the most posh school , or in the local college, the fate is looking the same to me. FEAR!

This is where my point comes in. Until the people of the world begin to hold their governments accountable for the lives lost due to their inhumane policies, we are going to be seeing more of this more often unfortunately. As long as some group of people still think they’re more superior or have more right to a good life than another, there is only going to be more of last night’s experience.

There’s never been a time where violence has brought peace. There’s never been a time where revenge has not begotten revenge. Violence begets hardheartedness. When one has lost everything, including their own meaning to life in a war be it gun or media war, they have nothing more to lose. And that is the truth.

World leaders have failed the world with their violent leadership policies and must now reconsider their positions. Let’s look at France’s record with violence. How many wars is France supplying arms to, how many rebels get their arms from France, how often has France been involved in the ideology of using violence to solve violence?

It is time countries begin to take lessons from Germany’s international peace policies, it’s time citizens of this world begin to stand up against governments who’s policies put them in more danger than safety? Can’t governments stop using violence to create more violence? Isn’t it time we looked at capitalism with a different lens?

Let’s call a spade a spade and stop being shocked when moments like this calls. Rather, let speak out against policies that put people on the other side in situations that they feel they have nothing more to lose. Stand up for HUMANITY else none of us are safe.

Views by Fauntee.