Levi roots 6It’s been a while coming. Today, Levi Roots popularly known for his appearance on BBC’ Dragon’s Den with the launch of his hit sauce – Reggae Reggae sauce. Levi Roots has yet again launched an all new Caribbean ‘Smoke House’ what he calls a RASTA’URANT…not a restaurant!
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Levi Roots journey began in Jamaica growing up with his grandmother who taught him how to mix Caribbean herbs, flavours and spices. having learnt that, Levi went on to create his first product which later became a hit sensation with the Dragons Den on BBC, for an exchange of 40% stake in his business in 2007 which made him his first fortune.
Levi who has been a singer too, combines the sound of Caribbean music with the taste of it’s food and vibrancy of Caribbean culture to create a unique brand. Topping it off, he launches yet again.
On his Facebook page the excited entrepreneur wrote, “Finally, we did it! The Caribbean Smoke House is here. Situated in Westfield shopping centre in Stratford city East London, one of the largest shopping malls in Europe, that’s where we are, big, bad and bold and full of sunshine.”
levi roots
He went on to say,”This is all about the food, the food is king, not the bar or the amount of rum you can drink, this is all about filling your belly with the most deliciously gorgeous flavours dripping with my secret sauces straight from the burning wood fire caramelized to your specifics, whether you’re a meat eater, I got the best Corn fed, free range Halal Chicken in the business, Racks of Lamb and Beef all smoked and juicy on the bone, or maybe your a veggie/Vegan or even an ITALIST for all the ‘Rasses’ and Empresses I haven’t left you out, I got you covered, a whole heap of Fish too with the head on or off cooked down with Okra and Pumpkin with Festival same way like how you get it at Helshire beach! Curry Goat, ‘lowdahmercy’ don’t even bother talk! Children menu? oh gosh man, trust me, all about the original ting.”
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Now that is mouth watering and a visit soon is not ruled out especially this festive season. Can’t wait to have you sharing your experiences with our other readers. For us, it’s a sure go try. For more updates on the Caribbean Smoke House by Levi, please visit here.
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