Independent sales representative opportunities


About Our Magazine
C. Hub magazine is the first and only Afro-creative magazine in the UK. One of the fastest growing publication for Black creative in the UK and worldwide. C. Hub magazine is read by over 1million people each month online, on print and on the App Store.
We are proud to have won the Best Magazine of the year BEFFTA 2014 and Most informative African magazine in the US at Extra ordinary people’s award. C. Hub magazine is highly regarded among it’s readers for it’s positive values and quality control both for editorial and product design. C. Hub magazine covers topics such as ; Sports, Health, Beauty, Fashion, Food, Travel, Business, Events, People, Music, Books, Home and more.

To Join our team of highly motivated individuals from diverse background, you must be highly self motivated too. Able to think outside the box. Have ability and confidence to speak about products. You have integrity and is sociable. Active on social media and can easily make friends.

Position Description:
Highly motivated independent sales representative wanted to represent C. Hub magazine . Are you a sociable person? Do you find it easy to recommend great products to your friends? Do you have so many social engagements? Do you meet so many people all the time? Do you spend a lot of time on social media – Facebook, LinkedIn , Twitter etc?
If this is you, then you could be earning some extra cash doing just what you love.
Essential Duty
-Meet or exceed sales goals set by Brand Manager – (Bonus)
-Weekly contact with Brand manager for updates on products sales and publishing dates.
-Develop and maintain relationships with potential clients
-Prepare , Plan and deliver persuasive sales of advert spaces both on the print edition and online platform.

– You work at your own pace, from your own comfort, maximise your online presences and networking attendance.
– We provide you all marketing campaign materials
– Provide your unique sign up page to direct potential clients who wish to purchase online products
– Earn 20% commission on any closed deal.
– Receive remuneration every week if your commission amounts up to £100 at the end of closing accounting .
– Sale advert spaces through physical contacts, social media contacts and or at events. It’s up to you what works for you and where your influence is more.
Monetise your airtime, your social media presence and your time attending events and socialising.

If interested, fill out the form below and one of our brand managers will contact you. Good luck.