‘I Am The Next…’

iam nextThe ‘I Am The Next…’ Foundation is a project created to support young people in discovering their full potential and excelling in ways they never thought possible.

This is aimed at those who do not have much interest in further education but have a desire to excel in life. The aim of the project is to get young people into their desired fields through work experience in work environments that require creativity over book smarts. The project  sessions will run bi-monthly, focusing on different areas in Fashion, entertainment and events with Q&A’s with experts in each field.

“The overall outcome is to have more young people in work without getting them into unnecessary university debt, alongside training them to deliver their own sessions and classes to their peers in London and in Africa. Ultimately these young people will go on to run and own their own brands and become mentors to the generations to follow, and even bigger than that we will be able to set up schools which focus on areas outside of the standard curriculum giving students a better taste of other options.” says the organisations spokes person.

One area that this foundation will focus on to start with is Suicide, which is the leading and increasing cause of death among young people ages 20 – 34 in the United Kingdom. Figures have shown more than 6,000 suicides were registered in 2013, and the male suicide rate is three times the female rate. Suicides and suicide attempts can be prevented by asking for help and talking to someone about all depressive or suicidal feelings.

“Today’s society is affecting our young people tremendously. Which made us realise how important it is to provide the support needed. The ‘I Am The Next’ Foundation is here to provide a comfortable environment where people will learn their worth and know that no matter what one might be going through, they have a purpose in the world. They can be the next big thing, as long as they remain focused on that goal.”

“Part of the money we raise will go towards setting up forums connecting vulnerable young people with others who have been through what they are going through. We want to have a fully funded weekend retreat for people to block out the world, receive counselling, and be restored back to a safe place.

Getting the support isn’t always easy and asking for help is even harder but we want the young people in the African & Caribbean community to know that they are not alone.” Says the organisation founder.

If you are going through something and need someone to talk you can contact us anonymously here http://ask.fm/OfficialMMNUK

To donate https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/IATN