Frank Ocean, New Album Review 'Blonde' Worth The Wait

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August 26, 2016
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frank-ocean-blond-compressed-0933daea-f052-40e5-85a4-35e07dac73df “I had the time of my life making all of this. Thank you all,” Ocean wrote on Tumblr following the album’s release. After four years spent away from being an active performing artist, this week Frank Ocean get quietly back in the spotlight with his new album ‘Blonde’. The wait is finally over for the fans.

Worth it
The wait was for good reason, Frank’s Grail didn’t came alone but preceded by a 45-minute film called ‘Endless‘. Out a few days before the album, ‘Endless’ shows Ocean in a woodwork exercise building a staircase piece after piece. On 18 new songs, with a splendid cover of ‘At your best’ in tribute to Aaliyah’s 15 years anniversary of death as the introduction.
Two days later, Ocean finally dropped ‘Blonde‘ and its 17 new other songs. On featuring, Kim Burell the amazing gospel singer and pastor (Godspeed), Beyoncé (Pink+White), Frank’s mother offering some maternal advice via a voicemail message (Be Yourself), Kendrick Lamar (Skyline To) and some more…

What a challenge
A come back after four-year of disappearance must have been challenging for Frank. He did not only has to follow up a tremendous debut with Channel Orange that earned him a Grammy Award and much praise from peers and fans. But with the time passes had to put together a project that merited the years spent on crafting it. Ocean, knows how to choose his words, being singer and songwriter is his greatest weapon. Turn a phrase bests that is what he does.


Must Play Songs
Pink+ White
Self Control
Skyline to
Good guy
Pretty Sweet

The album is to stream exclusively via Apple Music.