Top models Kiane and Olga front Chamy perfume luxury Sparkle release

Chamy Perfume for strong independent woman
December 14, 2016
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December 14, 2016

CHAMY Perfume Introduces Newly Repackaged luxury Sparkle Scent in time for summer featuring two international super models, British Jamiacan model, Kiane Ashman-Swaby and Ukrainian model Olga Klimova.

All-new “luxurious packaging” of the fragrance that “speaks to every woman” wows with fashionable and stylish characteristics to launch the summer tune of it’s BOLD ENTRANCE
chamy set
19 year old Kiane Ashman -Swaby , winner of Top Model of Colour season 8 exudes the boldness CHAMY Sparkle offers you. From the red carpet to centre stage, the confidence to see the world as your runway all day every day. While 20 year old Ukrainian International model Olga Klimova carries that enchanting, romantic aura of the CHAMY sparkle. A drizzle of powerful sensual elegance of CHAMY perfume that draws attention for all the right reasons.
Chamy Kiane modelwm
CHAMY recently announced a repackaging campaign for its premium Sparklescent, the alluring fragrance now offered in “luxurious packaging” that is both fashionable and stylish. Appealing to a wide generation of women and exuding characteristics that have garnered the attention of a myriad of cultures and races, CHAMY Eau de Perfume has become recognized by its legions of fans for not only its powerful yet alluring scents, but also for the 100-percent natural and organic essential oils in its products.
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The summer Bold entrance campaign is fronted by two young and successful International models, who are truly definition of the modern global woman. The models captures the global essence of CHAMY perfume, cutting across ages, culture and style of a world class woman.

“CHAMY was – and continues to be – inspired by the life, glamour, culture and success of women everywhere…an expression of the modern woman’s independence, strength and impeccable taste,” says CHAMY Eau de Perfume spokesperson. “A CHAMY woman is determined, yet never overbearing, and the new luxurious and stylish packaging encompassing our Sparkle fragrance, provides a beautiful complement to this determined, savvy woman’s look.”

CHAMY Perfume represents an authentic, desirable and luxury-oriented brand for women who know their worth. The timeless and alluring beauty – and exceptional quality – of CHAMY makes it the most desired gift a distinguished gentlemen could give to express the depth of his love and commitment to the woman he cherishes. Indeed, when the right words can’t be found, #SayitwithCHAMY.

CHAMY Sparkle is available in a number of package options including box sets via CHAMY’s website, located at Follow CHAMY on twitter – @Chamy_perfume