Chamy Perfume for strong independent woman

Understanding and coping with post success syndrome
December 14, 2016
Top models Kiane and Olga front Chamy perfume luxury Sparkle release
December 14, 2016

Chamy is like an invitation to enjoy a Caipirinha under the lemon trees along the Amazon in an equatorial weather after a long and busy day! It is perfectly clear that the woman represented by this fragrance is established. An active woman who moves all day long. Hence a woman who needs a perfume that will accompany her from morning to night.

A surprising composition
After a few spray of Chamy, a fresh smell of intertwined citrus and woody accords overpower. After a couple minutes these notes give way to more floral and very sweet smells. This nectar of very present sugared flowers is the one which will stand all day. At the end of the journey you will feel wrapped up in a sugar cloud floating around following each movement.

In a new glamourous style packaging, Sparkle fragrance definitely, provides a precious complement to this determined, savvy woman’s look.

Perfume’s Pyramid Notes:
Top notes: Citrus, Woody
Middle notes: Flower, Sugar, Balsam
Base notes: Sugar, Balsam

In a chic and edgy diamond design flacon, the perfume is available as 100ml