How To Master Dressing For An Event

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Nothing strikes fear into our hearts like an invitation to an event that stipulates a dress code of ‘formal wear’. What does that even mean? How should we be dressing? Should we turn up in a smart dress and fascinator or is it enough that we have just made an effort?

We have put together a few tips that will help you master dressing for an event without losing your own individual style.

Don’t forget your outerwear

A lot of people don’t give their outerwear much consideration when it comes to planning their outfit for a special occasion. The argument is that you will probably end up taking it off anyway so it isn’t important. However, your cover up is the first sign that you have made an effort with your outfit. What if the weather is colder that you think it will be and you end up stuck in a jacket that doesn’t quite match your carefully thought out look? You can’t go wrong with a cashmere or fine knit cardigan. Choose a neutral shade and we promise you will get the wear out of it.

It’s ok to re-wear an outfit

An invitation to an event doesn’t automatically mean you have to buy a new outfit. Just because you have worn a dress a handful of times before it doesn’t mean that it can’t see the light of day again. Try different accessories and makeup for a fresh new look.


Never underestimate the power of accessories to really finish off your outfit. Go for a statement necklace or pair of earrings.

Stick close to your style

If you’re a jeans lover then trousers and a jacket give a smart appearance without making you feel uncomfortable. Pastel shades are great for weddings and christenings.

Don’t forget spare shoes

If you love nothing more than dancing the night away then it is always a good idea to pack a comfortable pair of pumps.

Gemma Dorling
Gemma Dorling
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