Roseline Sanni-Ajose, theatre Nurse and multi-award winning movies producer.

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April 11, 2017
In a Srange Land Movie
Coming soon … In a Strange Land, Movie starring actress Ngozi Igwebuike
April 11, 2017
Roseline Sanni-Ajose

Roseline Sanni-AjoseRoseline Sanni-Ajose is a UK professional theatre Nurse and an International actress, producer and writer, wife and mum of two. Born and bred in Nigeria, Akure, Ondo. She later relocated to the UK to join her family in 1997 to Study 12 GCSE’S including drama and school choir.

Roseline went on to attend Middlesex University where she studied Advance diploma in Peri-Operative Nursing Care and teaching programme (Mentorship programme). Then, to King’s College University where she obtained BSC in Critical Care Nursing Anaesthesia, also obtained certification in leadership and Management, at International correspondent school London. Studied Screen Acting and drama at City Academy London (2010).

My first movie was titled “Promise” (2005) Produced by Nelson Spky Productions. My second was a Yoruba Movie titled “Oriyomi” (2010) Produced by Femi Fadeyi. Manncomm Productions Nigeria.

In 2010, I formed and Registered my own Production Company. Inspiration Production Limited (Registered in UK and Ireland). The same year, I Produced a Movie titled “Life! Living it!” By inspiration Production and Steve Nash Productions.

In 2013, I released a multiple Award winning movie titled “Labo-Life is a Journey” which recorded an unprecedented audience at the first Premiere at Odeon Cinema London, 2nd August, 2013.

“Labo-life is a Journey” finally made its entrance to Nigeria audience 2014 in partnership with AIT DAAR communication, Raypower, African Movie Channel on StarTime, NTA and Silverbird Galleria.

Labo movie was shown on BEN TV in London December 2015, and later was purchased by DSTV African Magic and had continued to be screened to African Audience.

“Labo” Movie is an afro-Caribbean Movie, based on a family battled for Cultural Supremacy. This movie is first of its kind in the history of African movie story telling. Its speaks to migrate and African’s in Diaspora not to forget their root and cultural, also to stop projecting negative image about our country Africa (Nigeria) Labo also encouraged the youth to stay away from crime.

In 2014, I worked in-partnership with Award Winning Consultancy Company (Germany)

2015 I played a Lead Role in the Movie “CAPTIVATED” Produced by Toyin Moore. Also in 2015, I worked in Germany (Real Film Production) played a sub-lead role in their present Movie Project. Released in Germany Sept 24th 2016

My latest film (In A Strange Land) Is a true life story about Modern day slavery. It continues to raise awareness and enlighten our community with the fact that modern day slavery still exist in this day and age.

In making this movie, I have the opportunity to make and use this movie to educate the younger generation. Researching and finding out more details about Modern day slavery such as knowing the right phone number to contact when someone sees or witnesses an incident. Organisations that are available to victims of modern day slavery and much more. Making this movie, has been an eye opener to how human life is so precious. Nobody should be allowed to take someone else’s life, happiness and future into their own hands.

I hope that the message we are trying to send to the world be heard. A lot of people keep quiet about Modern day slavery here in the UK while most people don’t know what to do. I hope all homes across the globe receives this movie as a message and take action. I also hope that individuals learn from if and when the movie is open in Cinemas around the UK and Nigeria, people will go not only enjoy the movie but also learn one or two things from it.

People are so worried about Boko Haram, ISIS and other bad terrorist attackers, it’s a form of slavery. We should be on the lookout for such occurrences. Like I said, no one should have other people’s lives in their hands, nobody should take other human’s future into their own hands, by enslaving or killing.

Music inspires me a lot. I’m a leader in my Local church Choir. I like helping people which is what inspired me to become a nurse and I love travelling.

I enjoy films that tell stories which relate to human day to day life which teaches us something and this why I’m particular about the kind of films I do. Just like nursing, I look after human lives, so I’m very careful of my decisions and I apply this to my movies. I would say my career as a filmmaker is like a calling. Great movie idea pops up or comes to mind easily. I’m determined and will continue to strive to raise the standard of movie making in terms of good storyline, pictures, acting, sound and much more in the African film industry.

If I had the chance, I would tell my younger self to: Always focus on your dreams. Don’t allow people to tell you what you can or cannot do. The point is, if others are doing it and getting results, so why can’t I? I must pursue my dreams regardless of what people think.

In the next 5 years, I ascertain for my movies to become amongst the Hollywood standard of film making in terms of good storylines, quality, educative and captivating movies. It might actually take more that five years, action and determination is the first step and perhaps the key to get there.

My other Movies to be released this year are; After the rain, My Virginity.

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