Designer, Kwame Koranteng unveils The Res Novae Collection at the Rock The Runway fashion show.

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The Res Novae collection by Kwame Koranteng, the exquisite gentleman and the lady collection was unveiled at the 5th annual Kwame Koranteng Rock The Runway Fashion show, at the Tigertiger, Long.

It’s been five years and each year, Kwame Koranteng has pulled together a fusion of various fibres, fabrics and cultures including creating for men, women and children flawlessly. Every year the items turn out with exciting and creatively unique styles, the cuts are flawless, flowing and each item in itself is as innovative and different.

Kwame Koranteng, the Creative designer and stylist of the brand said, “No two are the same and each complete suit has so many different styling modes that allow a wearer to innovatively flirt with fashion and switch with ease from formal to semi formal right down to casual.”

Kwame yet again shows what a trailblazer the brand is as he boldly and creatively meanders through diverse concepts, culture, cuts and colour combinations to create what can only be termed as classic.

The playful, yet seriousness of Kwame Koranteng is what makes the brand unique, appealing to vast amount of people of diverse background and status, spanning from the very young to the very old.

This year’s collections specifically speaks modern with extra touch of bold elegance.

The soft bright colours are very welcoming, somewhat romantic to watch. The infusion of African print designs are seamlessly done, giving the finishing such refinement that is both sophisticated and sexy regardless of your gender styling preference.

Each piece creates a smart, sophisticated and snazzy style for individuals wanting to be taken seriously as influencers.

The Res Novae collection.

Kwame Koranteng

Kwame Koranteng

Faustina Anyanwu
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