Divas of Colour announces partnership with Global Modeling Agency Nigeria.

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October 17, 2017
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Divas of Colour and GMC partners

Divas of Colour and GMC partnersDivas of Colour has just announced their partnership with the Global Modeling Concept, Nigeria to provide their models to take part in the international fashion show during the Divas of Colour International women’s festival week in March 2018.

Now in it’s 5th edition, Divas of Colour continues to create platform for talented women across the globe, providing opportunity for their breakthrough on the international stage.

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“There’s always a quintessential modeling success story where a small town unknown teenager leap frogs to the bright lights of the world’s best fashion shows, within months, and shooting a top designer’s marketing campaign.” Spokesperson for the agency said.

Global Modeling Concepts, Nigeria, (GMC), is primed to provide such unique opportunities to the best and yet to be discovered talents out of Africa, beginning with Nigeria, where a combination of raw talent, exquisite physical frame, and a burning desire to escape the negative label attached to the modeling industry, only begs the world to take notice.

It is this singular motive that has championed this partnership, an ethos which defines both Divas of Colour as a champion of creativity and celebration of women just as is the GMC. There’s no doubt this collaboration will not just give these talented models an opportunity on the international stage, but also will create that edge for the designers who will be working with these undiscovered yet highly talented models, who will for sure be a refreshing delight for photographers and media.

Mr Joe Ugonna, The Chairman and CEO said, “GMC is poised and proud to present its pool of talented young men and women to walk in the prestigious Divas Of Colour Fashion Show in London, a testament to the company’s steady climb in the modeling industry world wide.

And in creating awareness in some important social problems that have plagued Nigeria in particular, and Africa in general, GMC has adopted the theme “Creating Awareness and Fighting against Human Trafficking in African Countries”.

Faustina Anyanwu, Founder of Divas of Colour said, “We are excited and look forward to working with GMC and can’t wait to meet these great talents from Nigeria as part of our mission to create endless opportunities for creatives especially women from around the globe. The essence of Divas of Colour is to empower women to thrive in their chosen career and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity to do just that.”

About Global Modeling Concept (GMC)

Established in October 2015, GMC is driven to have a tremendous influence over the industry, by managing the careers of up and coming talents, and presenting them with an opportunity to showcase their local styles in the world’s biggest stages.

In November 2016, GMC collaborated with Sieylan Creations, an Atlanta based Management and Promotions company, to present a Miami, Florida event titled ” Coming to America International Fashion Show and Tour”, where top designers from across the globe, showcased their products through with the featured models.

Inspired by the success of that event, GMC again collaborated with Sieylan Creations in June 2017, to produce yet, another international fashion extravaganza in Lagos, Nigeria, that was streamed live on television worldwide, for industry scouts to experience the pool of talents out of Nigeria, that only shows of that nature can make possible, and position themselves with the opportunity to sign the next world top model from Africa. GMC hopes to use its platform to help eradicate this social evil that so far, seems to have no end in sight.

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About Divas of Colour International Women’s Forum.

Divas of Colour international women’s forum was launched in 2014 to provide career growth opportunities for women of colour in business and professionals alike.

The popular Divas of Colour conference has been compared with the likes of TEDx and has received over 100 applications within one year, from speakers all around the world who wish to be considered to speak on the Divas of Colour platform.

The flagship festival is held every spring in London and has been described as the largest gathering of influential women of colour from around the globe. The festival comprises of – International fashion show, tradeshow, conference focusing on social or humanitarian issues affecting women of colour and a lavish awards ceremony.