How To Transition Your Wardrobe For Autumn

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We have officially said goodbye to summer and have been considering our autumn wardrobes for several weeks now. What has made the transition from summer to autumn wear more difficult is the unpredictable weather. How many times have you left the house all wrapped up only to find it is much warmer that you expected, and vice versa.

We have some helpful tips that ensure you stay warm and look great.

Introduce seasonal colours

Swap out some of your pastel pieces for shades associated with autumn like oxblood, fawn and mustard. These deep, rich shades are automatically associated with the slightly colder months so you’re halfway there.


You will have heard this a thousand times before but it is the safest option when it comes to unpredictable weather. Rather than throwing on a thick roll-neck, instead go for thinner layers like a cami or blouse under a jacket. Depending on what the weather decides to do you can then remove some layers or keep them all on ensuring you’re always comfortable. Wearing layers is also a great way to get the most wear out of your summer pieces and re-styling what you already own.

Boots and a jacket

It’s time to ditch those summer sandals and go for more suitable footwear. Sock boots are a big trend this season and you can’t go wrong with a pair of chunky ankle boots. Re-cycle those summer dresses into autumn wear by a pair of boots and either a suede or leather jacket. We love the contrast between a pretty feminine dress and a more edgy leather jacket.

Add tailoring

Summer is full of pieces with a softer silhouette so don’t be afraid to go for a more structured style by adding a touch of tailoring. Try pairing lightweight knits with a pencil skirt or throw on a smoking jacket to sharpen up your whole look.


Gemma Dorling
Gemma Dorling
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