Top Interior Picks For a Heart-warming Christmas Décor

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Top interior picks for a heart-warming Christmas décor.

When we think of Christmas, what comes to mind is the expensive gifts we want to buy for friends, colleagues and family. But we tend to forget the most important gifts to give ourselves and people around us, a heart-warming home.

For 12 months you have toiled and work so hard. Now the season of Christmas offers you the opportunity to sit down, breath and relax with those who mean the most to you and the most we can do is create a beautiful home to cherish. In this article, I will be sharing some great picks of fabulous festive styles, from wreaths, garlands, candles, ornaments and more. You’re sure to find the ideal decoration for your home, to make your Christmas home décor unforgettably welcoming. From the traditional and vintage to modern and unique, make your home stand out. Excite and get friends and family into the festive spirit.

Candle lights are loving ways to create ambience and intimacy, and symbolises purity of heart. Use a scented one to add more memory to the time that you share with loved ones.


Festive Throws are warm and cosy. They are traditional Christmas winter treasure that adds to the season’s feeling. Their warm and stylish designs and colour add some drama to any space. They are a must have on any sofa.


Wreaths: What would you without them this season? There’s no festive décor without the wreaths. Hang some on the doors, around the clock or frames. They create powerful focal points around the home.

Personalised Festive Cushions are a great way to humorously call out everyone in the family. Create an atmosphere for humour and laughter. Who doesn’t love a good laugh with loved ones after months of seriousness with work?

Memory Lane Vintage photos and frames are a great way to get back to the good old days. A perfect talking point to create that family bonding this time. Hang a few in and around the home to bring up the back story.


Wrapped Gifts: Who doesn’t like to receive gifts? Perfectly wrap some boxes and place under the Christmas tree to not just add to the Christmas themed décor, but also to create a magnet to pull everyone back home guessing who gets what and what’s in what.

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Revolving Christmas trees are fascinating to children. Get one for them in a corner in the room and keep them awed throughout the holidays and they will never forget the Christmas they spent with grandma.

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Led Lights create a form of excitement this festive season and using the Christmas tree shaped one adds lots of fascination and excitement to the home.


Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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