The Maze: Young, defiled, broken, mocked, confused. Author details her ordeal with abuse and coming out of the maze.

Book Title – The Maze

Subtitle – A Re-Discovery Guide.

Author – Amazin’ Ijeoma.

Publisher – Faunteewrites Limited
Language – English

Release date: 18th December, 2017.

Size: 198 x 130 mm

Pages: 110

Format: Ebook and Paperback.

ISBN: 9780993041716.

RRP: £8.50

The Maze: A self Re-discovery guide: Author uses her own story to guide young people on a self-discovery journey in the book due out on 18th December 2017.

For the author, they were wasted years going through the maze of exploitation and abuse before the very eyes of those who were meant to protect her. But, ignorance and tradition has little or nothing for a girl child betrayed again and again, as she falls into the maze with no way out.

Based on true story, the Nigerian born author of the book, The Maze: A re-discovery guide, details her ordeal as a young woman who would be given to a would be older man for marriage by her parents. A tradition that still holds many young women to ransom in places. Ijeoma Amazin’ tells a tale of her journey of abuse, rejection, defilement, lost and wasted years. A journey which left her scarred for years and would rob her of her life purposes.

Now an accomplished social care professional, a singer and saved by the Lord, she no longer feels shame, living above victimhood, she bravely has written this classic guide aimed at helping young people and parents of young girls on how to protect their lives and be successful in all areas of their lives.

She said, “God chooses the ‘unqualified’ to His own glory. His blessings are usually found in unexpected places – You. The question is, are you prepared to be used?

As you walk through your journey to self-rediscovery, I want you to see this book as, a spirit led manual to guide you out of the maze of life. A daily guide to help you discover the God in you. Your talent, your power, strength and your life purpose.”

Amazin’ Ijeoma Paul-Nweze is a music Minister, singer, song writer, actress and a dancer. She is also a young people’s Coach, mentor, housing professional, customer service representative and a Christian Counsellor.

Graduating from The University of Greenwich with outstanding performance in Housing Studies and obtaining her Master’s degree in Nouthetic Christian Counselling Graduate from the Minnesota School of Graduate, London Campus, she is also a qualified CMI (Chattered Management Institute) Coach & Mentor. She is the founder & Visionary of Amazin’Dizcoveriez mentorship and Angel’s Cry youth project (platforms for discovering, coaching and mentoring young people).

The Maze has been described by Pearlwoman Magazine as, “An awesome guide through life’s dark tunnels, an eye opener for everyone.”

Ijeoma has used her personal journey to encourage the readers, to understand that whatever life throws at you, whatever frustrations, lost years, disappointments and trials, you are going through, you will find your way out of the maze. The darkness won’t be long before you see the light again. As you continue to put one foot forward with the guide in this book, you will finally manifest your GREATNESS!

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