Questions Arise as H&M Hires Diversity Manager as Racist Advert Backfires.

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Racist H&M

Earlier in the year, H&M like other major brands caused uproar as a line of hoodie shirts showed a black child in a racist top. The slogan on the T-shirt left everyone asking questions and seeking answers from the Swedish retailer.
Racist H&M
Although the retailer later released an apology and withdrew the line, concerned citizens were still not a pleased with the company as they viewed it as an ‘intentional mistake’. Since then, there’s been reports of contract withdrawals from big name celebrities who had partnerships with H&M as well as protests and destruction of their shops in south Africa.

The retailer has been on their feet in a bid to mend their reputation. Unfortunately, each step has just been futile.
Earlier this week, on Tuesday, the fashion retailer announced the appointment of a Diversity Manager, Annie Wu, on their Facebook page, which says Annie Wu will be the global leader for diversity and inclusiveness in a bid to correct their mistakes and avoid such gaffe from happening again.

Unfortunately, the move has brought even more questions than answers. Critics are wondering why now? Why doesn’t such a large corporation have a diversity manager? Some are asking, what has happened to the team that approved the initial blunder. Others say, it is just because they’ve been caught this time.

It seems anything they do, this time, people are finding it hard to forgive as they accuse H&M as having been doing same thing for a long time and can’t hide their racist company culture with platitudes.

What do you think? Is this a good move or too late?
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Faustina Anyanwu
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