Labrinth is back and finally we can breath a breathe of fresh air. The highly talented Black British singer has been noticeably absent from the music scene for almost a decade. However, late last year when he showed up on Xfactor with Stormzy performing the hit music – ‘Blinded by your grace’, we all remembered what a great talent that’s been missing on air.

The Jealous, and Beneath Your Beautiful, singer was singed by Simon Cowell in 2010 and since then gone quiet and we all been wondering what’s up.

But the wait is over people! It is over and we’re all up in arms ready with our wallets to get this single topping the charts – whatever chart has to be topped. That is how much great music has been missed. That is how much Mr Labrinth has been sorely missed. He is all the way BACK!
In 2018, the Lab’s new look reminds me of the then Fugees – Lauryn Hill, Wyclef and so on. When music was real and felt to the bone. Good enough he’s not just all the looks and packaging. Labrinth is an embodiment of musical talent and gentleness mixed with humility.

New Release: Same Team
Fans have never been so in awe. What great piece. It is magical wrote on YouTube user. Other comments such as –
“The legend is back!”
“And he is back!”
“Your voice is just heavenly”
“Top tune bro, Really catchy, so good because gotta dance already listening once … here we go again.”
“What an awesome song! Amazing.”

Now, you’ve got to have a listen yourself and let us know what you think.
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