What is strangulating real Black British music and acts?

Labrinth is back with a chart topper – ‘Same Team’, featuring Stefflon Don.
July 8, 2018
Emeka Anyanwu
Victimhood, finger pointing and blame game – the mother of all failures.- Emeka Anyanwu
July 11, 2018
Black British artists

If you appreciate real music, you would have noticed that the little life left of boring Britain has been squeezed out since the last decade.
Black British artists
When I came here in 2006, there was life, there was this bubbliness in the air. The sounds of great music gave London life some meaning. You could feel it in the air. Between 2006 and 2010 young talented a d vibrant black Brits were making great music. Real music. Then suddenly something happened, and they’re are all pushed aside forgotten and music for me since then died in Britain.

Where is Lemar, where is Taio Cruz, where is Estelle, where is Leona Lewis, Corrine Bailey-Rae, Alexander Burke, Tinchy Strider, Chipmunk, Tinie Tempah, Labrinth, JLS… Where are the real music makers?

Suddenly the mainstream media is only feeding us with craps of jammed up sounds and incoherent words that even when you manage to figure out what they’re saying, it still doesn’t make any sense. It has been become even more painful and tedious to switch on a y TV station or Radio to listen to music. For me music is dead in Britain and the society is dying with it.

I don’t want to go the systemic racism root as that wouldn’t help in this discussion. However, somethings are obvious whether or not you want to see it. Regardless, who or whatever it is their agenda to kill off great talent as that of these young Black Brits, doesn’t know he has also killed the remaining life in this clime.

This agenda, whoever is pushing it or has it, has continued to propell and push the so called grime music making it look and sound like that’s all that is of Black Brit music.. The aggression, violent and senseless sounds of brrrapp brrrapp scrriiii noise with no actual musical focus kind of music is a what is being pushed in the msm as Black music while real music makers are not being given audience. I don’t know what to call that, yet it remains what it.

Earlier this year, Alexandra Burke release an album after almost 5 years and I’m yet to hear her sound on radio or TV. Not that I watch, listen or look for music on those platforms any longer though. I wonder how she’s done with that release.

Credit to him with the Blinded by Grace, but seeing the likes of Stormzy scooping all the musical awards begs the question. Although we all know by next year he would also disappear from headlines just like others. And only God know who or what else will be shoved down our ear drums as music.

Amazingly however, I hear Labrinth one of Black Brits best vocalists, songwriter and music maker is back into the scene with the release of Same Team. I have listened to this song and you don’t need anyone to tell what great music sounds like and what magnitude of life we’ve been denied of all these years. I’m hoping that his new release catches on and brings back some sanity into British music once again.
To survive and remain relevant, Tinie Tempah has immersed himself into the world of fashion leaving the void of his vibrant swag in the world of Brit music.
Yes, we all know how social media has knocked the music industry but then if the brrrapps and stkirrripps are making headlines and scooping awards how much more real music. Music lovers need to revolt on this clear out of great music from our radios and TV stations. Bring back decent music now! It’s also our right to choose what we listen to.

Whatever or whoever it is that’s strangulating authentic talented Black British music and talent, somethings has to be done to overturn this madness going on in the name of charts on radio and TV. Bring back real music that makes sense.

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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