The wait is finally over. The winner of 2018 world cup has emerged. As expected the final game was a game of high quality and spectacle. France won their second world cup after an entertaining 4 -2 win over CROATIA.

France wins wotld cup 2018

FRANCE, started the game in an uncharacteristic timid manner. With CROATIA starting in a front foot, we saw FRANCE retreat and were shaky and appeared exposed in the opening stages of the game even after taking the lead against the run of play. Eventually grew as the game progressed. FRANCE, had a peculiar way of competing in this tournament. Not always playing at their maximum potentials, until it’s demanded by an opponent. When the need to raise their game to win was needed, they do just that otherwise, they stay at an obvious low standard.

Mbappe once more shone and showed what an extraordinary 19 year old he is. He became the youngest player to score in a world cup final. He also was a nuisance to the CROATIAN defense as was throughout the tournament. He was up for the occasion. We also witnessed a mercurial and a disciplined/influential performance from PAUL POGBA. He really showed his class and talent in this game.

To many, FRANCE winning the tournament was not a surprise but they worked for it and deserved it. Played and won some difficult games on their way to the finals and winning a highly technical and dogged CROATIAN team in the final cannot be unstated. We can only congratulate them.

CROATIA, has successfully won the world, by their achievement in this year’s tournament and most especially the manner to which they achieved it. This is a country of about four million people. They first attracted attention to themselves after their group stage win over ARGENTINA. From then on, they conquered every opponent that came their way. This was not devoid of tenacity, doggedness, unity and chemistry. They quietly drew admiration from around the globe with their achievement in this year’s tournament.

CROATIA has shown the world once more, that dreams can be dreamt and made to come true. With an exemplary support from their charismatic and passionate female president met with a calm but focused style of their manager, the players showed some unbelievable togetherness and trust in each other, which saw them through some difficult situations in certain games. This team came from behind three times to win knock-out stage games. Pictures were seen of the country’s parliament in session wearing their jerseys to show support to the team. What more motivation can a team ask for? This nation came together for this task and did not fail. They have become the toast of the world. The players, played with passion and respect for their country. Congratulations, CROATIA.

RUSSIA, cannot be overlooked in talking about this tournament and for a good reason. In RUSSIA this year we witnessed another spotless and sparkling organization of a world sporting event by RUSSIA. The efficiency and class of this tournament has been observed by all. Even some of the players in their post-match interviews could not help but mention this. It was a hitch free tournament which attracted huge notable diplomatic attendance as well.

This country in the last 12 months has quickly built a top class reputation for organizing sporting events. This is sharp departure from the negative reputation of the country on international diplomatic relations and various security concerns before the tournament. The world was also stunned to see a RUSSIAN team deliver some incredible performances in this tournament, going all the way to the quarter finals, which nobody had expected. They have left the world stunned in all fronts. Congratulations, RUSSIA.

This year’s tournament was the most spectacular and largely unpredictable we have witnessed in recent times. It produced some stunning results and a few records were made. We look forward to another enjoyable tournament in QATAR come 2022.

By Reginald Uche.
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