Lewis Hamilton Crashed in Final Practice Before the 2019 Belgian Grand Prix Qualifying last weekend 

Defending champion, Lewis Hamilton, suffered a serious crash in his final practice against Belgian Grand Prix that came up last weekend. Hamilton lost control at high speed slamming head-on into barriers. His battered car was the only thing damaged in the accident as the British star emerged from the crash unscathed. Hamilton’s car was lifted from the track and taken away on the back of a lorry as he (Hamilton) walked slowly back to the team garage. 

Meanwhile, Ferrari drivers were up and running in practice as they continued their domination in Spa-Francorchamps. Charles Leclerc came out of the fattest among them. Sebastian Vettel, another Ferrari driver, came second with Leclerc finishing with nearing half a second above him. Mercedes’s Valtteri Bottas came third with 0.497second off the pace. 

Ferrari might have looked into their one-two finish in final practice and say it is of one of the reasons they won the 2019 Belgian Grand Prix. Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas best weren’t enough to beat Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc to the first spot in the main race. 

Hamilton apologies to his team 

World champion, Lewis Hamilton, apologized to his Mercedes team after a mistake saw him crash his car during the third and final practice session for the Belgian Grand Prix last weekend. Lewis said: “I’m in the wall, guys. Sorry.” 

The British star lost control coming out of the Flanges Chicane, swerving left at high speed into the protective tire barriers and tearing the nose of his car. 

Mercedes were able to get Lewis Hamilton’s Car Repaired back in Time

Mercedes were confident Hamilton’s car would be ready in time for qualifying after a heavy crash in practice. A Mercedes spokesperson said: “We will be replacing both front corners (suspension and wheel assemblies), nose, barge boards and floor. Barring nasty surprises, we can complete all of the work in time.”  Mercedes team reacted well by getting the car repaired in time to run in qualifying at 14:00 BST last week Saturday. They confirmed after the initial inspection that the gearbox in Hamilton’s car didn’t damage. Replacing the gearbox in-between the limited time before qualifying would incur a five-place grid penalty should they have confirmed it damaged. Mercedes team boss (Toto Wolff) reacting to the crash, said: “Hopefully it’s not the engine or the gearbox, and it doesn’t look too bad at the moment. I think if I would run around and panic like a headless chicken it wouldn’t be good for the guys fixing the car so we need to be calm.”