World Cup 2022 in Qatar: Cities, stadia and all you need to know.

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Qatar 2022
World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

History: World Cup Host Countries.

The world cup championship has been awarded every four years since the first tournament in 1930.
Brazil and Germany bided for the 1942 World Cup; however, no vote was taken to determine a host. Columbia was selected as the host for the 1986 tournament but withdrew four years before the start date. Mexico eventually hosted the event in 2002, for the first and possibly the last time the event was hosted by two countries, Japan and South Korea.
The winning hosts for 2022 were announced on 2 December 2010, after the bid in 2018. On 2 December 2010, FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced the winning bids at FIFA’s headquarters in Zurich. Russia won the favourite to host the 2018 World Cup, and Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup.
For some, China is considered the favourite for the 2026 World Cup, then the event would possibly return to Europe in 2030 before perhaps going to the US or South America then Africa and to the Asian region in 2042.

World Cup 2022 host city and stadium

Host City: Al Khor. Stadium: Al Bayt Stadium

Located about 55 kilometres north of Show, Al Khor is a coastal city with an abundance of beaches, parks, and mangrove forests, it’s a wonderful conservation area worthy exploration.

Currently, under construction, Al Bayt Stadium will be one that is truly unique. The entire structure will be covered by a giant tent, reminiscent of those historically used by nomadic people’s in the region. Seating for 60,000, Al Bayt Stadium is one of the larger stadiums in the tournament and will host one of the semi-finals matches.

Host City — Al Rayyan

Host Stadium — Al Rayyan stadium

Al Rayyan is a city that is passionate about sports, particularly soccer. While it’s technically the second-largest city in Qatar, it’s actually considered part of the Doha metropolitan area and close to all of Doha’s attractions including great museums, world-class shopping, heaps of restaurants, and plenty of cultural sites and attraction.

The New Al Rayyan Stadium is currently being built on the site of the city’s Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium and will be homed to the beloved Al Rayyan Stadium is being built in a modular design with Sustainability in mind.

Host City : Al Wakrah

Stadium : Al Wakrah Stadium

What was original finishing in pearling village has developed into one of Qatar’s major urban centres. Al Wakrah is located just south of Doha and has an abundance of historic architecture. Perhaps it’s most popular attraction is Al Wakrah Souq a market with dozens of shops and cafes located on the coastline.

Aesthetically, Al Wakrah Stadium is one of the most impressive in the tournament, it boasts a sleek, almost futuristic design. While a visitor to the World Cup, it will also provide locals in community with an impressive list of new amenities, including a school, cycling, and running tracks, gyms, and restaurants.

One of Qatar’s oldest continuously inhabited areas, Al Wakrah was long a centre for pearl diving and fishing. The traditional dhow boats used in these pursuits inspired the design of Al Janoub Stadium. A stunning pre-owned match show paid tribute to Al Wakrah’s heritage and Zaha Hadid, the architect whose firm designed the stadium’s boldly futuristic shape.

Host City: Lusail. Stadium: Lusail Stadium

Lusail is a planned city that’s still Development, approximately 15 kilometres north of Doha. The impressive design for the city includes marinas, Manmade islands, parks, residential areas, luxury shopping, golf courses, and much entertainment district. Once construction is complete Lusail will be homed to approximately 250,000 residents.

One of the cities main attraction will be Lusail Stadium, an 80,000 seat venue that will be the main venue that will be the main venue for the 2022 World Cup. Surrounded by a moat, the exterior the stadium will represent sales of a traditional dhow boat. Inside the stadium has been designed to have the entire pitch shaded, with a cooling system to maintain ideal temperatures. Lusail Stadium will host the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the World Cup Final.

Host City: Doha

Qatar capital city of Doha is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. It’s also becoming more and more well-known as a world-class travel destination, and it’s no wonder why. The show has all the ingredients for a travel hotspot: luxury five-star hotels, incredible shopping, unique cultural attractions, and innovative restaurants. It uses the relaxation of Beach life with the excitement of the city. Add in the world cup, and you got one extraordinary combination.

Stadium: Khalifa International 

One of only two existing stadiums that will serve as a venue for the 2022 World Cup. Built-in 1976, the 40,000 seat Stadium has undergone a number of improvements since. Most recently and extensive renovation was completed in 2017 that included the addition of a state of the art cooling system to ensure both Spectators and players are comfortable for the World Cup matches.

Qatar Foundation Stadium: along with a Metro line that will connect it to the rest of the city, is being built in Doha’s Education City area, home to several University Campuses. The stunning exterior of the stadium futures a Complex geometrical pattern that will filter and reflect a light, designed to represent a diamond in the desert. The 40,000 seat venue is scheduled to open in 2019.

Al Thumama Stadium is currently under construction and expected to be completed in 2020. Designed to resemble a gahfiya, the stadium will seat 40,000 for world Cup matches, though 20,000 of those seats will be removed following the tournament and donated to developing countries.

Ras Abu Aboud Stadium: will be the first fully dismountable stadium to serve as a World Cup host venue. As an incredible example of sustainable infrastructure, the stadium will be constructed in a modular format which will allow it to later be transported and reassembled in a different location or even converted into smaller structures. For the 2022 World Cup. The Stadium will be located on the waterfront with views of Doha’s West Bay Skyline.

When is the tournament?

FIFA has taken the decision to move the tournament to cooler winter months and has confirmed A-Star date of November 21, 2022, it will still be hot, though – Qatar boasts average temperatures of 24 degrees in November and 20 in December.
For the first time, the world cup will not be held during the month of May, June, or July. That’s because Qatar is surrounded by desert and average summer temperature can Soar to 45 degrees.
Because the next world cup will fall during the normal domestic schedule for the majority of European Club Sides, the 2022 competitions will be taken place over a reduced time frame of 28 days.

Tournament Information.

• Qatar, as the host, will qualify automatically for the tournament. It will be their first appearance at the World Cup.
• In their bid presentation, Qatar proposes to have its Stadium air-conditioned to counter the oppressive heat. They also proposed to dismantle parts of the stadium after the event and have them rebuilt elsewhere in countries with less developed sports infrastructure.

Where are the stadiums?

Qatar is planning 8 new Stadiums for the tournament with one completed, two more dues this year and the rest scheduled as finished by 2021. None is more than 35 km from the centre of the capital Doha and all will be air-conditioned, as well as being serviced by a brand-new metro system.

What does it mean for the Premier League?

• The switch to a winter tournament will cause a scheduling nightmare for Premier League chiefs.

• Top-notch flight football for the 2022-23 campaign could kick-off in July to recommend at the break for the World Cup.

• In 2022, the Premier League campaign could resume as early as Boxing Day, with chiefs keen to keep the traditional date in the domestic football calendar.

• The Season could run on until the beginning of June, meaning a shorter break before the following campaign starts, although no decision has yet been made.

• Though altering the timing of the tournament has seemingly set FIFA on a collision course with powerful European clubs, however,  Qataris are seeking to put a positive spin on the change.

How many teams will participate?

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has said that Qatar can insist on keeping a 32 team format, though he admitted towards the end of Russia 2018 that he was “pretty sure all option will be on the table.”

Hassan Al Thawadi, head of Qatar’s World Cup 2022 Committee, said it will be a common decision taken between FIFA and Qatar, and we are now studying the feasibility of expanding it to a 48 team World Cup. However, all preparations are based on 32 teams.

Where the number of teams increase, then there is a likelihood of Qatar sharing hosting duties in the region?