Covid19 survivor’s story: Journalist, Tobi Akingbade shares her ordeal.

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March 31, 2020
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March 31, 2020

Tobi Akingbade is the host of the podcast, YellowCupPod and a renowned journalist. She has written for the likes of Evening Standard, Metro, Grazia Magazine, Guardian and many more major new media in the UK. Taking to Twitter, the journo narrates her ordeal with coronavirus and how she recovered and wanted to share to encourage hope and good news.

Using her own experience, she also tries to warn people to adhere to the government warnings of staying isolated – Stay at home.

“I’ve lost several days of my life to this illness. Many others have lost their lives. You can do your part by staying at home, stop joking around and take it seriously. I’m a healthy 28-year-old and it hit me hard…”

Tobi Akingbade

“I survived coronavirus. Spent nearly 2 weeks indoors + in quarantine as my body fought it off. Yesterday, I took my first steps downstairs, headed straight to my garden + took a deep breath

Wasn’t gonna share this online but I’ve been encouraged to share hope & good news 1/18
Because a lot of us may not get access to Covid19 testing kits and calls with NHS 111 feels scripted, I’ll share my experience. It may help someone. These were my symptoms… 2/18

Day 1: I’d been informed that I was in contact with someone who had been in contact with someone with covid19. Nothing serious I told myself, but I decided to social distance anyway. Later I found out I’d been in direct contact with a confirmed case 5 days before. 3/18

Day 2: I develop a very dry cough. And a swollen gland I developed 2 days before Day 1 became very prominent. The cough was persistent making speaking for longer than 40 secs hard. I was extremely fatigued. I’m anaemic and well acquainted with tiredness but this was chronic 4/18

Day 3: A good night sleep did not help. My chest was painfully tight, at first, I blamed work anxiety. I developed a fever (was hot + cold at the same time). I struggled to walk and my breathing became shallow + difficult. The muscles in my neck began to ache. 5/18

Day 4:
The scariest day. Woke up feeling like I’d been run over by a truck in my sleep and then thrown off a cliff. The muscles in my face ached. The muscles in the eyes hurt. Every muscle hurt. My persistent cough became extremely painful. Developed a painful migraine. 6/18

Day 4: Still with a fever and cough. On this day I became frightful of how my body would force itself to sleep. My breathing was worrying and I feared the worst. I called NHS 111 who confirmed my suspicions and instructed me to self-isolate in my room as I don’t live alone. 7/18

Day 5: I slept a lot. Keeping my eyes open was painful and a core. Wore sunglasses to use my phone. The sunlight made my migraine worst. My body ached and my breathing became worst. Coughing didn’t help. I could feel my lungs getting heavier, every breath got shorter. 8/18

Day 6: Painkillers did not stop the pain. Also, stockpiling trends meant even my pharmacist could not help. Was scared to sleep as my breathing was not improving. Could not hold my breath for more than 2 secs. 9/18

Day 7: I became alarmed when I noticed I lost the ability to taste food. Nearly passed out brushing my teeth as it was obstructing my breathing. The NHS were too overstretched to help. At this point I was begging God, I didn’t want to die this way 10/18

Day 8: Twitter said that running a humid shower would help to breathe. It did for me. I drew my curtains for the 1st time, still needed sunglasses. Body aches stopped. Migraine not so persistent. Coughed less but it was nauseous and brought up yellowy phlegm from my lungs 11/18

Day 8: Still breathless from just sitting up, sharp pains in my chest but migraine improved. Body temperature back to normal. Coughed about twice a day. Found the strength to find hope. 12/18

Day 9-12: Saw improvements slowly. Was able to hold my breath for 8 secs now. Slept less, was able to WFH at times. Called NHS again due to a scare with breathing, unable to get medical assistance but the problem solved itself. Became physically restless on Day 11 13/18

Day 13: Walked down the stairs for the first time. Thanked God and walked around my garden. Wasn’t sure I’d remember what fresh air would feel like. 14/18

I know the staff at NHS did everything they could for me with the limited resources they had. On a normal day, I would have been accepted into A&E. It was touch and go. Also, I was not tested. 15/18

I’ve lost several days of my life to this illness. Many others have lost their lives. You can do your part by staying at home, stop joking around & take it seriously. I’m a healthy 28 year old & it hit me hard. I’m grateful to have recovered but I will continue to do my part. 16

What did she do to get through this obvious hell of experience?

Responding to loads of apparent questions from many curious people, she has also kindly shared some of the remedies that helped her and also warns you must contact your healthcare professional for your unique conditions and or experiences.

“I only took paracetamol (Tylenol for people in the US) and lots of fluids as advised by the NHS (UK’s National Health Service). She warns, “Please alert professionals about your case. Don’t suffer alone.”

“I was told my case was ‘mild’, hence the lack of medical assistance. Smell/taste senses came back on Day 9/10.”

Again she warns that she is not a professional and can’t advise anybody and to note that she can only share her own experience. She had kept a journal of her ordeal and that is how she’s able to remember. Finally, she says, she now struggles with fatigue and minor breathing issues.

” I’m gonna talk about the emotional side of coping with this during the next episode @YellowCupPod. It includes avoiding anxiety, my faith, prayers and positive affirmations.” She concludes.

So go follow her podcast now to stay in the loop.

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