George Bester, the father who was slapping his son for having bad grades in the viral video, has been summoned by Zambia Police Child Protection Unit over child abuse concerns.

In the video which went viral last week, Bester was seen slapping, knocking and punching his severally while complaining about the money he has spent on the boy education.

While the beating went on, a woman’s voice believed to be of his wife, is heard pleading with Bester to stop beating the son.

After the video went viral, a letter claimed to have been written by Bester to Zambia Leaks appeared on social media. In the letter, it was seen where the father was asking critics of his action to abduct the son.

In another post, he further explains his actions, claiming his son had not shown any remorse despite failing his grade 12 exams .

“I got agitated, lost control and slapped my son several times when he blamed the education system in Zambia for failing his exams among other excuses, I felt disrespected by his reaction.”

The wife, Musumpa Bester has also said she took the video so that the family would talk about it once the temperatures cooled off. However, it remains unclear how the video found it’s way onto social media.

Although it was claimed that Bester was the Senior Manager of Operations, Northern Region at MTN Zambia, the company however has distanced themselves from him saying he had left MTN since 2019.