We must question every idea, belief, knowledge and culture because ideas are the sources of all destructions in the world. 

Racism is an idea, and to defeat racism you have to introduce a better idea. If your ideas are wrong your life is wrong. This is why the world keeps getting things wrong despite the so-called progress. Racism which surfaced in the murder of George Floyd has shown that the world has not evolved, and there is no civilisation. The world is yet to understand the concept of progress and development. It is shameful we don’t understand that our attitude to one person affects our attitude to all humans. 

Ideas are stronger than death and are never destroyed. An idea could be narrow-minded and evil yet managed to be adopted by the majority due to the magic number. The idea that we could be having microchip inside our bodies might seem like a minority opinion, illogical irrelevant decision gone mad to control humans but it has been persistently around the corner. Whatever you thought was highly unlikely to happen is always commonplace. This is why we must be conscious of our environment and ready to question everything, including what you called, ‘conspiracy theories.’

It’s always been questioned how a rational population adopt an irrational idea and fall victim to mass hysteria? Racism is an irrational idea and how did the world come to this? Nazism and White supremacy are evil and how are they found in our society? We fought against nazism, fascism and white supremacy in 1945, but they are back not through the back door but through the revolving door of our lives.

An Opinion is highly important according to Prince Eze Ihenacho the advocate for humanity, “Opinion is that unique gift inside us which makes us who we are.” 

We cannot run away from our shadow. Having said that, not all opinions are objective truth. The truth is like a diamond that’s gone through fire and brimstone before it could reflect light and stand the test of time. Truth is the original information. And original truth must only come from God. Any idea a man lays his hand on becomes dangerous as humans tend to impose on it their perspective. This is where the error comes into play. This is why I personally question scientists and their data. We interpret everything based on how we see things. For the sake of this debate ideas and opinions are interchangeable.

One of the most powerful things in the universe is an idea. An idea whose time has come is more powerful than any armies in the world. You can’t conquer an idea. No wonder intelligent people don’t fight an idea with their hands and grenades. The only way to bring change is to present an idea side by side with the one you intend to change, in no time the new idea will take over the old one. This was exactly how Christianity took over other ideologies at an early time before the time of crusaders and inquisition. Where the Church instigated the killing of people. And the crusaders dressed in red crosses and beheaded millions of people. This was as a result of misconceived ideas. Nazism is an idea that misled people to kill millions of Jews. Slavery is an idea that killed and oppressed millions of Africans in the world. Yet many are still following these evil and satanic ideologies that have murdered millions in the world.

Bertrand Russell puts it succinctly: “Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.”

We are confronted both with good and evil. It explains how ideas and opinions relegated to the past or festering as the minority opinion can suddenly gain enough momentum to challenge and upset the status quo. I know after reading this article you begin to understand why you do not accept what the society foists on you.

An opinion may be rejected the first time as irrational, subjective and illogical but as it continues to fester around the population until it becomes active again.

 Don’t forget people don’t like to hold an unpopular opinion and usually like to reach a consensus with their peers. If an individual talks to another individual and they share similar opinions that conversation reinforces a belief. Then he goes off to another person if the next person buys the argument then he adopts the belief. In the same way more and more people begin to adopt this minority opinion. 

But, if this conversation is met with a different opinion an argument may ensue. 

As long as the minority opinion remains below the magic ten percentage the larger population will never adopt this opinion even for a thousand years to come. But when these eccentric and erratic ideas get to the magic ten percentage then balance tips. This minority opinion becomes unstoppable and is adopted as majority opinion and we see these ideas rolled out on our streets and communities. This is how the seed is sown that the next generation would ask themselves how could a rational population embrace and tolerate such obnoxious attitudes like greed, racism, eugenics, capitalism, poverty and other zero-sum policies in the world today.

We are not bound to accept an idea but when you are glued to one status quo, what is possible beyond your belief eludes your experience.

The more we have light, the further the darkness moves away. The more information and knowledge we have, the more, ignorance and racism recedes. 

Remembering also that the darkness has not gone completely it is lurking in somewhere waiting for a chance like nazism, racism and the likes have resurfaced again today. 

Any opinion or idea must question whether it has been adopted by the larger population or not. If we as a society want to move forward and break off the chain in our mind, we must have a rethink on some of the opinions that have had a frightening and terrible impact on mankind.