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Ndubuisi Egbo wins Two Big Awards in Albania for his Incredible Season with KF Tirana.
January 10, 2021
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January 17, 2021
VP Royals vegan hair and skin care products
 VP Royals vegan beauty products

As it’s ‘Veganuary’ when people are encouraged to try vegan in January. And it’s important to understand veganism isn’t only available in food but can also apply to your beauty care regimen. Although many people are beginning to embrace veganism in their food and dieting, it’s still something many do not understand when it comes to beauty products and many people are still not specifically “aware that your hair type can change with your diet and sporadic change of lifestyle.”  Even with the widely proven benefits of using vegan beauty products.

In this vegan awareness month, The founders of Natural vegan organic skin and hair care brand, VP Royals, share insights on vegan beauty products. 

After reading this, you hopefully will give it a try too. The good news is, you don’t have to be a vegan to indulge in vegan beauty products.

”Natural vegan ingredients in hair /skincare can increase the quality of the product as well as the quality of the hair/skincare. Being free from derivatives from animals and being planet-friendly furthers the agrarian element within the vegan community”.

“The difference between vegan beauty products and non-vegan products are pretty much clear. Non-vegan products are made up of man-made minerals such as sulphates which is ultra-drying to the skin and the scalp so you find some brands include 80 per cent water and alcohol.”

VP Royals says – Avoid them if you seek improvement on your hair/skin health. “We realised no matter how much non-vegan products ploughed on, there were no visible positive changes. However, as soon as we created our own beauty products, the results were instant, leaving hair shinier and stronger than ever, I’ve surpassed my length goals and haven’t looked back since”.

Although it’s important to make some lifestyle changes for results, you however do not have to be a vegan to indulge in vegan beauty products.

A customer who had lost her edges due to illness and started using the VP Royals Rosemary oil and Hair growth oil that is helping in stimulating back growth and strengthening her hair that had also thinned.

We became more aware of the ingredients within both our hair and skin care products, replacing them with ones that are free of harsh chemicals and focusing on natural ingredients. 

Furthermore, we became more conscious of the food we consume and the effects it has on our physical and mental health. So, that we could live a healthier lifestyle and build a better and healthier immune system. We also wanted to teach our children how to make better health and hair choices. We thought what better way to demonstrate this than leading by example.

Embracing vegan alternatives as part of this lifestyle change could also be more cost-effective and bring visibly better quality skin, hair and health result as compared to without them. A result to which The VP Royals founders say is dependent on the type of products that you are interested in buying. For them, regardless of the price, “we see this as an investment for our health and our future.”

Photo of VP co-founder who did a big chop in 2017 and started using our products in 2018 that really helped her hair to grow back healthier and stronger 

They affirm that the evidence in the results they see when using the products “both with our skin and hair care as well as the food that we eat,” confirms the cost worthiness.

“Since making these changes we have noticed reasonable results within our hair growth, the appearance of our skin and changes within the way we feel physically and mentally.”

These are before and after photos of customers who got our restorative treatment along with a trim at home.

A review from one of VP Royals customers in Ireland who started using the products when they first launched.

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