“After many years in the industry and contributing to it in so many ways, I felt it necessary and the next step for me, and this was truly it. The launch of my Afro-textured Type 4 hair training doll, Ebony, is an exciting moment for hairdressing, and a further step towards inclusivity in an industry committed to implementing change.”

Dionne Smith – Stylist and Brand owner.

A thrilling moment for Afro-hair, natural hair enthusiasts on the launch of Signature by Dionne Smith – a premium collection of essential hair items including ceramic hair straighteners, quality graded hair extensions, heat mats and a unique doll training head made with Afro-textured hair named Ebony.

Ebony: The new doll head with textured hair about to take the industry by storm.

Ebony is stunning looking hair styling doll from the award-winning celebrity hairstylist, Dionne Smith, as part of her Dionne Smith’s new Signature Collection.

The professional hairstylist and the founder, Dionne Smith, says, “traditionally there has been one stumbling block for those looking to strengthen their technique when it comes to Afro hairstyling: a lack of dolls available with kinky, coily texture.

She says, ” Ebony is here to offer budding stylists the opportunity to enhance their skills with the help of a doll with an authentic-looking hair texture that mimics the feel and consistency of 4A Afro hair.

 Also explaining why she launched the Afro-textured hair styling mannequin, The award-winning celebrity hairstylist, Dionne Smith said; “When I started out as a hairdresser, I didn’t have the option to learn how to style on an Afro-textured doll training head, we were really limited to straight hair types”

“With the natural hair movement continuing to grow, so many of us are embracing our natural hair texture. I wanted to make things easier for those who are in the early stages of their hairdressing journey.”

“Ebony, however, appeals to everyone really: professional stylists who are really keen to learn how to style Afro hair, hair influencers who are trying to up their game, and even parents who want to learn how to style their daughters’/sons’ hair without any fuss.  I’m really proud of Ebony. I really think this product will provide everyone with the chance to practice styling Afro hair, and crucially, people can learn at their own pace”.

This is the debut hair product range from Dionne, who has over 20 years worked with an impressive roster of celebrity clients including Venus Williams, Regina King, and TV personality Amber Rose Gill, and is now ready to help others enhance their skills with great products.

Signature Hair Mat

The Signature Heat Protection Mats are practically compact, making them easy to travel with and store away discreetly. Flexible and heatproof. They can be used for setting down your curling irons and straighteners as you style. When you have finished, simply roll up the mat and fix in place with the inbuilt clasp. Perfect for any hairstylist or hair enthusiast who regularly uses hot styling tools.

Signature Hair Straighteners

The unique Hair Straighteners from the Signature collection is designed for those who require versatility from their styling tools and comes in 3 handy sizes: maxi, midi and mini. If you’d like to create a sleek style with loose curls at the end, this is the perfect tool to allow you to achieve your styling ambitions. The smaller size is especially excellent for styling those flyaway hairs and getting tighter more defined curls, resulting in a sleek salon finish. Signature Straighteners boast state-of-the-art technology including ceramic coated titanium plates, adjustable heat up to 230 degrees, an LED display and automatic shut off.

Dionne Smith Opulence Collection.

Dionne Smith Opulence Collection Premium Hair is the collection’s highest, most premium quality unprocessed hair extensions. Opulence is long-lasting, tangle-free and it can be coloured without compromising the quality – proving to be a superb investment for the consumer. Available in various textures which include a loose curl, deep wave, kinky straight, or silky straight, our luxurious extensions are soft, natural-looking and easy to maintain. When you go Opulence you won’t go back! Only the best will do.