From Calabar to Lagos, Wofai Fada embodies the strength and character of a modern woman – Dynamic, talented and resilient.

Wofai is more than just one thing. She is not just a talented actress, creator and performer. She is also an erudite entrepreneur in the food and drink industry, with her own restaurant  in the heart of Lagos’ popular and affluent Lekki – called ‘Just Afang’, as well as the author of the  cookbook – ‘Yogiegee Culture’.
In her interview with Accelerate TV, Wofai Fada shares her inspiration and success.

As the world celebrates the strength and uniqueness of women this March, we share this delightful interview of a rising and dynamic woman, Wofai Fada on Accelerate TV.

Wofai explains the power of women and she personifies the characteristics of a woman who has demanded and achieved more from life because of her boldness. She is happy women are being invited to the table, and play part in decisions that have to do with the entertainment industry.

Wofai moved to Lagos five years ago with the dream of creating a name for herself all the way from Calabar. She moved in with a friend before she got a room in Surulere and now “I have a restaurant in Lekki close to the sea” (Wofai says at the top of her voice) which is where the shoot took place. The restaurant is called ‘Just Afang’ and Wofai’s love for food came from her family as she worked in her grandmother’s restaurant as a kid.

When asked on where she sees herself in five years. “I will leave that to God because I did not see myself coming this far and he got me here so I will leave it to him. But the goal is expansion and growth, I will want my restaurant in all corners of the world.” 

Wofai’s advice to people is to enjoy the process be resilient and be patient in achieving your goals. “Social media makes it look like success comes overnight but it takes time and if you have someone that inspires you, learn from them and understand their journey.”

“Wofai is a dream chaser and she is reaping the benefit of her hard work and its motivating to hear her background story. The sky is just the starting point for her career ” said Colette Otusheso, Head, Accelerate TV.  

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