Father’s Day 2017 comes up on Sunday 18th of June!

How are preparing to surprise your father, husband, uncle, etc.?

Do you need gift ideas to help you make your gift search easier? Read them below!

  1. Manicure and Pedicure Set: who wouldn’t love a very functional and contemporary manicure set? Remember, dads love to have one of these stashed away somewhere, how about helping them replace it with a new one?

2. Saving Kit: why don’t you get your dad a lovely shaving kit that is of good quality and the one he would appreciate?

3. Shoe: Everyone loves a good pair of shoe for different occasions. This year’s Father’s Day, you can decide to add to your dad’s shoe collection!

4. Briefcase: get a durable and aesthetically pleasing briefcase for your dad this Father’s Day, he would love it!

5. Perfume: getting some bottles of your dad’s favourite perfume won’t be a bad idea! Help him stock up and give him the opportunity not to run out of it for a significant period of time.

6. Wrist Watch: a wrist watch is a wardrobe staple, everyone needs at least one or two. You can purchase lovely wristwatches for your father!

7. An outing: why not take him out to a special or his favourite place?


Do you have other gift ideas? Kindly drop your comments below.