Onye Ozi Premiere poster FINAL small logoIf you think the success of Last Flight to Abuja was great, then you have missed out in what is a standard setting movie of our time for Nollywood and Africa in all.  Finally, we can now take in some fresh air and be proud to say oh yes we have a movie industry.

Last night I had the opportunity to be amongst the first to watch this movie and to tell this story.  I’m nollywood’s toughest critic ever and do not willingly watch these movies because of the cliche of ritual and under production with tacky story lines. But I tell you, all that, Onyeozi has suddenly changed. My only word is Nollywood producers, directors and writers should either consult Obi or find out where he learnt his skills or in fact both.

Without saying much, here is the preview for you and make sure to watch for yourself on Iroko and screen nation.