With a smashing debut, Gayle Thompson (Ngozi) is the one to watch. #OnyeozifilmPremiere

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October 13, 2013
Onyeozi film by Obi Emelonye officially the way forward for African movie making.
October 19, 2013

Onyeozi Gayle bakassiAs she stepped out for the premiere of  the Obie Emelonye latest hit movie Onyeozi, Gayle looked beautiful, well groomed and ready for the life that awaits her with that outstanding performance as the star in this movie.

Gayle is definitely the one to watch as she sets a very high standard for any actress looking to continue to stay relevant in the industry. The fast rising star, has sent out a very strong message with that world class take on the first ever London produced, Igbo language film.  Starring as Mkpurunmam along side Nigeria mega star actor and comedian Okey Bakassi, Gayle is set for the skies and above as producers, directors and film makers are already lining up to have a taste of her talent in their next project.

Onyeozi Gayle full

The most talked about Nollywood girl of the moment has remained calm and humbled by the positive and top reception she has already received both from fans, media colleagues, models, and the fashion world.  Last night she could only say thank you thank you and blew a kiss to her cheering fans all waiting patiently to get a glimpse of her as she dazzled in her fish tail ankara laced top which we’re yet to find out who the designer is.

Onyeozi with Gayle hugs

Definitely Nollywoods girl to watch!!!.