#Revolt – Pdiddy launches his own cable music TV

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October 19, 2013
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P Diddy on Revolt TV

P Diddy on Revolt TV

P Diddy – Sean Comb, has just launched a new cable TV station dedicated to standing against the rise of social media. In a statement he  talks about the channel saying it’s  “the first channel created entirely from the ground up in this new era of social media.” He also stated “We’re building this platform for artists to reach an extraordinary number of people in a completely different way. Revolt will be live, like all great moments in television history”. Explaining the lay out plan and vision with #Revolt, he says “It’s your channel to do what you want to do, how you want to do it.” He further stated his intention for artists to “show your art the way you want to show your art — uncut, raw, uncensored — not destined by the charts and who’s pop.

Revolt is said to be a heavy contender as far as music streaming is concerned from now on.  On the website is written – ” REVOLT REPRESENTS THE ARCHITECTS WHO DEFINE CULTURE AND INFLUENCE SOCIETY. WE ARE BUILDING AN EMPOWERING PLATFORM FOR ARTISTS AND OUR CULTURE.”