Star Actress Gayle Ngozi Igwebike to host CA award 2015

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November 14, 2015
CA award 2015 Co-Host Olayinka Olawore
November 14, 2015

Gayle1bOne of UK Nollywood fastest rising stars, Gayle Ngozi, to host CA award with her co-host Olayinka Olawore, publisher and founder of Fotoreel International magazine on Saturday 21 Nov, 2015 at Hilton Hotel Tower Bridge London.
Gayle Ngozi is the star of the highly acclaimed Obi Emelonye movie Onyeozi and also the stars in the newly released Oxford Gardens also by Obi Emelonye.
The BEFFTA award winning presenter is also a top fashion and commercial model and has been C. Hub magazine’s Fashion editor at large. The multi talented and eloquent beau is set to take the audience on a ride of fun and classy laughter with her co-host Olayinka as the two share a great chemistry and are both pretty, classy and have lots of vibes.
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