InkaLondon based artist Rob Lawrence to fill the gap in the African inspired art Tattoo in London with the opening of  Inkwa tattoo studio, a  space in Sydenham, South London which  he hopes will bring African history and culture to the world of tattooing.  The artist has noted that the history of tattooing in African culture goes back thousands of years. However, the rich heritage of African art and culture is often overlooked as inspiration for tattoo design.

“I am intrigued by the diversity of shapes used by various African tribes in masks, markings, symbols, henna techniques and weapons. I try to fuse the African influence with my own personal style and my clients have really responded to that.”   He says.

As a practising artist for around ten years Rob had a unique vision that any tattoo studio he opened also offered a gallery space for artwork exhibitions.
“I was interested in creating a place where both art gallery and a tattoo studio can be one experience. We encourage anyone who walks through the door to express themselves creatively as an individual.” . In the studio will be Rob , resident artists,  Sir Wills and Pablo Rodriguez who specialise in a variety of styles  from traditional portraits to typography and bold colour work.   Inkwa Tattoo looks to establish itself as a vibrant addition to a community in Sydenham that is being transformed by growing local business.

Inkwa tattoo  official launch party is  on May 23rd at the Inkwa Tattoo studio, 254 Kirkdale, Sydenham, SE26 4NL. 


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Inkwa tattoos

Inkwa tattoos.