Music: The sound of Carol Jiani

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As social media grows bigger and more accessible to all, more and more talented individuals are being over shadowed by self proclaimers and mediocre. Such is the case of Carol Jiani a hit maker in the 80s and 90s whose voice seems to have downed in the midst of the overcrowding . Can she re-invent herself again? We watch out for her upcoming single below.
But first, here’s a bit you need to know about Carol Jiani as you enjoy the selection we’ve made of her songs.banner

(source: Wikipedia)
In 1980, Carol Jiani recorded two Sandy Wilbur-written pieces with La Greca, “Hit ‘N Run Lover” and “All The People of the World”. “Hit ‘N Run Lover” was remixed by San Francisco-based Moby Dick Records for their Gold Standard imprint and would become Jiani’s signature song, peaking at number 4 on the US Billboard Club Play Singles chart in 1981. On the heels of “Hit N Run Lover”‘s success, Matra Records commissioned a complete album, also titled Hit ‘N Run Lover. “The Woman in Me” was the album’s second single but its B-side, the uptempo “Mercy”, written by Pete Bellotte and Sylvester Levay which featured off-key horns, exceeded the A-side in popularity among DJs becoming another hit for Jiani. “Mercy”, the only track on the album not composed by Sandy Wilbur, was recorded earlier by Judy Cheeks. A follow-up album, Ask Me was released the next year generating the singles “Ask Me”, “X-Rated” and “You’re Gonna Lose My Love”. In 1982, Jiani recorded vocals for “Get Up and Do It Again”.

We’ve been tipped for her new single coming soon – “HOLD THAT SUCKER DOWN”