The images are so graphic that I refuse to add any of them on this website. I’m also going to try to be calm in writing this letter to world leaders from America to Zimbabwe.

Dear world leaders,
I’m not sure any of you will get to read this letter . However, I have an obligation to write it anyway. Maybe, somehow some sensible advisers of yours stumble onto it. This letter is to address the issues of human right abuses all over the world. Most recently the Isis, the police killings of Blacks in the USA and the most horrific one being the now trending xenophobic attack happening in South Africa.
If you have been a leader in the last 10 to 15 years either religious, political or traditional. You are responsible for how the world has turned out today. All the injustices you all have perpetrated over the years are the result we see today. I do not want to go farther than 20 years back as we al believed that the world wasn’t that civilised then and most people were not educated. Being the case, I challenge you and your education, your civilisation, your so called democracy, human rights advocacy and all those crap you might call it.

Why do you leaders continue to deceive the people of the world, you come in the open to proclaim peace but in the back, you fund and in fact advocate war. You divide people with borders, give them different names and class just to control them and in the end everyone go out of control, still to your advantage. From Iraq to Syrian, from Sudan to Ethiopia, from Israel to Palestine, from Ivory Coast to Nigeria, the stories are the same. People killing people. There is no peace in any corner of the world. No one is safe. Yet the world is to be seen as advanced and more civilised. I had say, if this is what civilisation looks like, them please let us go back to how it was.

Why do I blame world leaders?

I blame you for your hypocritical laws and narratives. I blame you for exploiting the trust that the people give to you believing you are leading them to somewhere better. Unfortunately as each day comes, it’s done on us that we’re slowly, now quickly being laid to the slaughter house. Few years ago, the greedy bankers brought the world economy to its knees, a very good opportunity to bury the tried and not working capitalism, but you the world leaders bailed them out. No only did you bail these criminals out. You left them scot free, and continue to pay them outrageous bonuses on top of outrageous salaries. Leaving the hardworking and poor citizens of the world scampering for the leftovers. These directors of big banks and big corporations pocket millions every single month and years while ordinary people, the 90percent of the world go home with peanuts. How is that fair? How can that bring peace and stability. Everyday you launch one campaign after another searching for the world’s problem, how to make the world a better place, yet you sit on files of evidences in different parliaments.

You create different propagandas, polices and make reckless remarks to infiltrate the minds of the weak and clueless. In the last 15 years or so, you have run the world down with all its potentials. You brainwash the people that over populations is the cause of hunger – I say no it is not. Hunger is man made by you leaders – through your greed, consumerism and hunger for power.
You convince the people that climate change is the cause of world problem- I say to you it is not. The world has enough reserve to serve man for eternity . It is capitalism, consumerism and your greed and hunger for power that is the problem.

You tell your people that immigration is the cause of scarcity in your nations – I say no. it is not. Man has been migrating from time immemorial. From the time of Abraham to forever, man will always migrate. In fact I don’t know anyone who lives in their original homeland. if at all they know where they originally come from. You tell the world that a certain group of people are the cause of the world’s problem, I tell you no. World’s problem has been bad leadership and hunger for power. To hold on to power, you leaders resort to dividing people against one another. You create borders, you arm regions and incite hate, you deliberately create wars for economic benefits for the few and come back to tell us you are giving refuge and help to the displaced. Forgetting that when you ridicule one people, you ridicule every people.

Addressing the most recent xenophobia in South Africa, I say to you Nzuma, you should be ashamed that the labour of our Hero Nelson Mandela will be paid back like this. The recklessness of your leadership and the comments of your Zulu king is the direct cause of this xenophobia and the blood of these innocent people killed in these attacks are on your head. You should be ashamed that it’s not even up to 5 years since this noble man died and you have turned the Rainbow nation into darkness.
As I talk to you I hope that Nigel Farage in UK, Oba of Lagos in Nigeria and all other leaders who make reckless remarks against ‘foreigners’ in the name of politics should learn from this mistake and start now to help build tolerance and peace for all. Create equal opportunities for people to thrive and stop blaming immigration or other humans for their lack of leadership. I hope that President Barack Obama will do something about the deliberate killing of Black by the state in the US or find it appropriate to resign if he is hamstrung to do anything. I hope that Robert Mugabe President of Zimbabwe will see that killing farmers and forcefully taking their lands is not a solution to his country’s problem but his refusal to step down from seat of power even as his age and health no longer give him the strength.

I hope that those who are already brainwashed by these propagandas will be able to see that they chose to be brainwashed to hate their fellow humans while caring so much for animals and plants. I hope that even a single world leader will read this and know that not everyone is brainwashed to hate or believe that poverty is not a direct consequence of their selfishness. The sane world is watching and history will not let you out of the hook if you do not bring back peace and safety to the world for the sake of our children.
I hope that the United Nations will once again be for all nations and not for few nations. I hope that the OAU will be functional for the benefit of all nations of Africa and not for the leaders to pocket more money . I hope that the Red cross, Save the children and other world charities will use the donations for what they’re donated for and not pay outrageous salaries to the managers and directors. I hope that people laboratories will stop manufacturing diseases and stop using humans for their deadly experiments without their consent. I hope that the world can know calm again.