On a mission to save Malawi – Fikelephi Jackson hosts Dare to Dream fundraising.

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April 17, 2015
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AoBorn and raised in Southern Africa, Fikelephi was forced to flee from her terribly abusive partner. Faced with much threat and nothing to defend herself, she was forced to leave her children behind and fled to the UK. Desperately missing them, but jobless and waiting on a pending immigration application so she could bring them to her, she began to lose hope. In her darkest hour, she became suicidal. She made an unusual vow to God: He would make Himself real to her in her situation, or she would take it as a sign that she was just too great of a disappointment to Him, and take her own life.

Not only did God answer her, He also gave her strength after her daughter Patience was killed in a terrible car crash. As she overcame her grief, she became more determined than ever to give those around her the strength to move past their pain and adversity. Today, Fikelephi is happily married with seven children. She is also currently working as a Senior Banking Advisor in London.

Against All Odds still standing : Dare to Dream dare to fly.

Against all odds has been an avenue for Fikelephi to reach out to the less privileged, hosting a fundraising dinner – Dare to dream Dare to fly which gathers the crème of the industry to a ball fundraiser. This year with a focus on Malawi, Fikelephi hopes that they can cover more grounds to help those displaced by the flood in Malawi.

“In view of the floods in Malawi, our Mission to Malawi 2015, Against All Odds Still Standing Charity would like to cover more ground. Malawi as a nation is divided into 3 Regions. In 2014 we were able to access the South Region & some of the Central Regions. In October 2015 our Mission to Malawi, we would like to cover more ground in the Central & the Northern Regions. We intend to take with us a solid team of volunteers. Please consider how you can best support the coming event and mission.

The evening attracts around 200 attendees with some of the most recognised names, an impressive selection of Leaders in their field and other businesses and organisations will be there.

The highlight of the evening will be great entertainment, such as poetic drama, fashion show, as well as musical performances. There will be fun-filled auctioning and raffle prize-giving. There will also be time for the DJs to let loose on the audience with a variety of great music as the dance floor is thrown open to dance the night away.

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