Unacceptable, African Union calls Xenophobic attacks in South Africa

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April 17, 2015
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April 17, 2015
African Union Chairperson - Dr Dlamino-Zuma

African Union Chairperson – Dr Dlamino-Zuma

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The  widespread  of xenophobic attack  which took over South Africa’s sphere throughout this week has finally received a strong condemnation from the African Union, branding it “Unacceptable.”

Dr Nkosazam Dlamino Zuma Chairperson of AU  in a statement to the media today calls for immediate stop to the madness of violence against African migrants calling it “Unacceptable.”. She said, “Whatever  the challenges we may be facing, no circumstances justify attacks on people, whether foreigners or locals. It is unacceptable.”

In her statement, she urges the South African government to do all in its power to re-establish peace and order while making sure immigrants are adequately protected.  She goes on to appeal communities to dialogue the challenges to find a lasting solution. Saying, “the challenges faced by South Africa such as poverty and unemployment are common to all African countries and is important that citizens work together in finding solutions in order to build a better future for all Africans.

The violence which swept across South Africa through this week is alleged to have been as a result of Zulu King Goodwill Zivelithini’s remarks in a speech where he called foreigners lice and ants which should be removed from South Africa.