‘That’s what they do,’ said a woman to me indifferently as I cast eyes on her dog. She was apparently waiting for her dog on lead to poo on the pavement. When the dog was done, she left the fouling without any scruples. Then I said under my breathe, “l wish dog walkers could show common sense and manage their dogs.

The events of last few days in South Africa have shown how irrational humans can be, and how out of touch government in South Africa is with its citizens. South African government is a disaster to leadership. Are we to say, “that’s what they do.’’ That we as a people can litter our streets with dead bodies, some burnt alive beyond recognition, some mangled on the stake like barbecue, some bodies cut with machete and left gushing blood from all parts of their bodies.

There are no words to describe these horrors: man’s inhumanity to man on the street of Johannesburg. The blood of innocent people who came to South Africa to find a better living, to contribute for good and benefits of South Africans. These people are from Nigeria, Mozambique, Malawi, Ghanaians, Zimbabwe, Somalia and Congo perhaps other Africans and Asians. These are our brothers, fathers, uncles, in-laws and friends. Where is the justification for these cruel and despicable actions: jungle justices in a developed country like South Africa.

This senseless action re-enforces the myths that Africans do not love themselves; give them gun they kill themselves. Africans are at war with themselves, “that’s what they do.” This is a travesty, a rough and disorganised society.

Where is the common sense? Weigh it in your heart and mind. Where are the Mandelas? Where are the Steve Bikos and the Tutus. South Africans have lost their way. They’ve lost Mandela’s legacy. A once isolated and out of touch nation has come to live their past in the present. Have we forgotten 1976 Soweto massacre nor 2008 xenophobic attack on migrants that started in Alexandra. This is a sobering reminder of South Africa’s violent past coming to haunt them. They now toe a wicked line, the evil they learnt from their former tormentors- the racist apartheid regimen of the Bothas, “that’s what they do.”

This similar level of xenophobic attitude was prevalent among Germans that paved way for arrival of Hitler before the second world war. Hitler and other fanatics exploited this disenchantment and rolled out anti-immigration rules that said “Germany for Germans.” That ignited more hatred for immigrants in Germany. In a similar style, fanatics in South Africa are effectively saying “South Africa is for South Africans”: migrants go home; this is irrational.

The paradox of it all is that these people you hate are the same people who helped free you from the clutches of the apartheid government. How come you fanatics and ill advised few read intrigues and malice only in your fellow Africans?

There was only one man who could have stopped that madness, that was Zuma the South African president, but on this occasion as usual was caught flat footed, snoring heavily, unable to control and manage these fanatics and thugs. These fanatics and Zuma have let people of South Africa and Africans down. You have humiliated and embarrassed yourselves. You have shown you’ve no dignity for humans. Sadly this irrational action has robbed South Africans their good reputations.

Who are the losers in this wicked act? The lazy criminals and thugs who rejected the path of wisdom of pursuing their purpose, skills and hard work to have a better future instead they chose fear, ignorance gloom and doom. The future of ignorant and wicked people will be that of the biblical Cain who spilled the blood of his innocent brother. Jealousy and fear has always remained the hallmarks of fanatics and evil people.

The winners are innocent African heroes who took on threat, the shop owners, the hardworking migrants who paid dearly with their blood. Our prayers go to their loved ones they left behind. May the good Lord provide them with solace and courage to bear the loss. For others in a refugee camp, your help is underway. We urge African Union and countries whose nationals are affected to liaise with South African government to promptly provide the trapped immigrants with necessary assistance.

This is barely a month Nigerians averted bloodbath when the President GEJ honourably accepted defeat. Something very uncommon to African democracy, it demonstrates that Africans can govern themselves peacefully, that a better future and hope lie on our horizon, that we can have our destiny in our hands. That the fanatics and unscrupulous elements in South Africa cannot undermine these giant stride. The xenophobic psyche of the few in South Africa will not weaken our resolve to live peacefully side by side as sister countries in the same continent. Hatred and an act of infamy on African people “that’s what they do.”

imageWritten by Emeka Anyanwu author of Kalango: The personified story of Nigeria.
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