Editor’s Letter.

Merry Christmas

What a time to sit back and reflect on the year that’s fast come to an end. What a time to look back and give credit to whom it is due. Especially to you who stayed with us through these formative years. Yes! C. Hub magazine is 4 years and we’re thankful to all our readers, sponsors and supporters. What a time to remember your loyalty.

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Also most importantly this issue, we take a bow to the legends of our time. All those who have been exceptionally giving of themselves in service to humanity. Though imperfect, they all have used their position, gifts and talent to shape the world, doing their parts to make an impact. So many of whom you will meet at this year’s Creativity Award (CA award).
8 years ago it was unbelievable. Almost like a dream only that it was a fulfilment of MLK’s 46 years old prophesied dream. There is something much deeper for us to reflect upon as we also celebrate the promise made real in Jesus Christ this Christmas. Almost like the story of Jesus Christ, a promise of a King came true and his people’s expectation was not met as their understanding of his reign did not meet the reality of his purpose. Therefore they cried, crucify him! Crucify him!!


Every great leader has been met with equal if not greater opposition especially from those he came to rescue. Unfortunately, Barack Obama isn’t an exception. His undeniable legacy despite the hurdles are what you have inside this issue, worthy of celebration. Putting him in the league of world’s legendary leaders of all time. As he bows out of office come January, we have so much to reflect on and celebrate about this man.
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That’s not all, we all were witnesses to how great talents were unleashed at this year’s Olympics at Rio, Brazil. How magnificent it can be to have each one of us unleash the god in us in our area of gifting. Join in with us to catch up on Usain Bolt, Simone Biles and all the Olympic legends of our time.
Not the least, we celebrate specially the life of our great friend, sister, colleague, our very own health columnist, Dr Nkem Ezeilo. You all have had the privilege to gain lots of insight from her Ask Dr Kem column and now as she has concluded her race, we give her a befitting recognition in this issue, capturing tributes from friends and relatives and for the first time, giving you some insight into a life well lived.

Every aspect of this issue has so much to teach you, so much to reflect on and celebrate about. It’s all joy and celebration as you prepare to go to your next level come the New Year!

Stay with us and #Keepwalking.

Still your girl,

Faustina Anyanwu.

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