Demotivated? Here are your tips to get back on track

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December 14, 2016
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December 14, 2016

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Staying continually motivated in the face of serious challenges of building your business is what every entrepreneur aspires to. But things aren’t always going to be that real all day everyday. We all do get our fair share of being demotivated from time to time in our entrepreneurial journey. Some days are going to be like that, there are days you truly want to give up, you don’t feel like it’s worth it any more or that you want to do anything. In this journey to success, it’s not always about staying motivated but, about getting back up from dark corners. When days like that happen, what do you do? How do you get yourself back up on track?
The last few weeks has been my turn to taste the bitter pill. It’s been a very strange few weeks. I just can’t get to do anything. My brain gone black. No energy, no interest from within. Even when I try to force it, what comes out is so empty that I have to delete. These few days have taught me a lot and here I am sharing with you my tips to getting back on your feet after a demotivation pang.

Embrace the fact: The fact is that you lack motivation to carry on with your work. You must allow yourself to know that. Tell yourself the truth and nothing but the truth. Solution to every problem starts with acknowledging the reality. Denying the fact will only worsen the matter. “So yes, I lack motivation, what next?”
Verbalise your fears and what’s happening to you.
It’s crucial that you let people around you know what your battling with. Letting them know gives them opportunity to give you the support you need. Effective communication makes for a good understanding. Do not assume that they will know that will understand since you’ve been hardworking. That’s not the case, they might think you’re being lazy or something more serious. You don’t want to put your relationship on the line. Carry your spouse along in your journey.
Let the phase pass.
Don’t force yourself to get out of the mood. Give yourself opportunity to rest and reflect on past days and weeks. Refrain from thinking about future projects. Blank your mind, in fact pretend to be on holidays or you can actually take a brief break off work.
Make conscious effort to focus on positive things.
Generate positive vibe around you. Engage in activities that make you happy and take your mind away from your business or work. Practice positive thinking, attitude of gratitude, spend time with people who understand your vision and are supportive.
A great opportunity to acquire new skills:
This is your opportunity to try new things. Enrol for courses to learn new skills such as photography, swimming, dancing, whatever floats your boat . Just do it. Get out there away fro your comfort zone. Do something unusual for you.
Meditation and reading
Whatever your faith system, this is an opportunity to go back to renew your spiritual strength. Practice forgiving those who have wronged you. Get deeper into your self and connect with your faith. Reading of your faith literature has proven to be a great revival tool. Such as Bible, Quran etc.
Read also lots of positive self help books etc. Stay away from watching bad news, stay away from people who drain you. Be selective of what you hear and see. Detoxify your mind and stay in the realm of spiritual strength.
Healthy eating and exercise are priceless.
Exercise opens up your entire system, gives you opportunity to renew your body, mind and soul. You get to practice deep breathing and this time of fresh air. You body get challenged and reshaped . The feeling is always good after a round of walkout or jogging. Take lots of water, fruits and vegetables. Stay away from too much sugar and fatty foods.
Get your groove on.
If you have the budget, revamp your space, your wardrobe, your office, kitchen or any where that’s your favourite in your home. If you don’t have the budget, it would be good to do total laundry. Wash your clothes, crisp and clean wardrobe gives a fresh and new feeling. Do the same with your home space. If you don’t have budget for décor, then do a thorough cleaning of the whole house. De-clutter your space. Remove excesses not needed and create space for fresh air movement. You may want to move around position of things, such as sofas, tables, centre pieces etc.
Go for spa, massages and or manicure and pedicure. If the budget is there, give yourself a shopping spree. If not make do with what you’ve got. Stay in control.
For ladies, check your menstrual cycle:
Fluctuation of hormones can be a drama for us ladies. Check yourself and role out pre-menstrual syndrome before making much fuss about your detaching feelings. Some women are generally lazy and tired during their pre-ovulation days and till their menstruation comes. Other have their dark days just as menstruation appears. Study your body and know what’s going on. If that is the case with you, then just relax and wait for the phase to go by.

I know, talk is cheap, But then, with these tips practiced , you’ll soon be back doing what you love most and have the energy and enthusiasm to give your best towards achieving your goal.
Do you have any tips that’s worked for you? Be generous to share in the comment section so we all can learn too.
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