Mother to Skepta a British highly acclaimed musician, Ify Adenuga a BA (Hons) in Education & Film studies turn record label manager to receive Icon recognition at CA award 2016.

Ify Adenuga

In a highly crime infested area of London, she and her husband has been able to raise 4 internationally successful Artists in the music and entertainment industry. Including Skepta who recently won the Mercury prize Award 2016 for his latest album Konnichiwa. JME also a music artist, their sister Julie Adenuga who is the Apple Beat 1 Radio London DJ and their baby brother, a computer animator who takes care of all the company’s design work. The record label company – Boy Better Know, which is managed by Mrs Adenuga.
Mrs Adenuga’s success in raising high achievers and maintaining a great family has been met with so much adulation and admiration from other women and the Nigerian diaspora community at large. She is seen as a perfect role model for the young and older mothers struggling with raising teenagers. It is her hard work and dedication that has earned her so much respect and hence this ICON recognition at CA award.

Reacting to the notice of her recognition as an ICON at the C. Hub magazine creativity award, she said, “I’m honoured to be nominated for the CA Award and very appreciative.”

“I’ve spent the last two decades not just raising own family but also facilitating others in my profession to live independently within a safer and stronger communities both in UK and homeland. This has been my greatest life challenge and continues to be in the face of all the difficulties to safeguard young people from crimes that are claiming young lives especially the lives of young black people in the U.K.

Over in Nigeria young people not only face hunger and impoverishment but also lack the opportunities to access life chances. I continue to join work with strategic partners home and abroad to explore, initiate and deliver guidance, support and services to tackle these barriers to people’s development and wellbeing. My overall objective remains to relate and share in our world comfortably confidently and inclusively for all.” She concluded.

Mrs Adenuga was a service provider and a member of Haringey strategic partnership delivering Appropriate Adult training to adults who make welfare representation for young people and vulnerable adult in police custody across 2 boroughs that included Enfield. She did this for over a decade running up to the spending cut local government exercise in 2012. To date a number of her trainees who were facilitated to further their education have since graduated and in their work careers.

Prior to all these she worked on the New Deal programme with Reed’s employment where they moved over 1000 long term unemployed people of Haringey into sustainable employment of which she received the Best Newcomer and Best achiever awards in May & April of 2000. Her work experience gained from the project enabled her to join work with her husband to deliver a department of Work & Pension’s Approved ‘Back to Work’ programme to people of Hackney Borough from 2002-2004 leading to her Haringey AA training provision that began in 2005.

Mrs Adenuga is among the 10 highly acclaimed individuals set to receive the ICON recognition at this year’s C. Hub magazine prestigious award. The Creativity Award recognises excellence in creativity, leadership and enterprise within African-Caribbean community globally. The high profile event with be held at a lavish dinner on the 19th of November 2016 at Hilton Hotel Tower Bridge London.

Also expected to attend the event and receiving a Legend recognition includes, Norwell Roberts QPM, Prof Dame Donna Kinnair, Cllr Detective David Michael, Lord Popat and many other dignitaries . The event will be hosted by British actor, Dr Winston George Ellis a 3 time world martial arts champion. Tickets are now available to purchase via the website –


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