Lindani Moyo#StartupSeries. Lindani Moyo: Founder and CEO Black African Women Rock Award

Lindani Moyo has passionately been building her organisation, Black African Women Rock (BAWR), that she believes in since 3 years now. The passionate entrepreneur who also have a background in counselling and event planner, is also a single mother to two amazing young boys. Three years ago when she set out with the organisation, she was at the same time battling divorce and her children custody case with her now ex-husband. She was torn between the two and at some point thought of abandoning the BAWR project. Driven by passion and conviction in her vision pulled her through those tough and challenging times.

BAWR an end of year celebration for women doing amazing work within the African community “focuses on empowerment over sympathy” giving African women across the globe the power to change their lives for the better.

Some are of the opinion that there are so many awards for women and campaigns for women. Why did you embark on this and what’s different?

BAWR only focuses on women from the ethnic minority whilst with other awards promotes women from all races and backgrounds , so that’s the main difference with Black African Women Rock.

What’s the hardest decision you’ve made so far?

The hardest decision was to call the brand Black cause that name on its own comes across very racist and not political correct to many, but as a brand founder I will never be apologetic for calling it BAWR cause our women have been undermined for far too long.

What has been the major challenges you’ve faced creating the platform?

The challenges has been finding a right team that believe in the vision and the brand without undermining the potential of the organisation, and having to let go of people along the way to keep the focus of the vision and the growth of the organisation.

How does BAWR benefit the winners?

The benefits are to promote and market their visions/businesses to a wider network, and to encourage our own to keep thriving for greatness cause most of our winners are normally business ladies that have been in business for less than 5years as you know it can take up to 10 years to be actually recognised amongst bigger brands within the community, and normally it’s about who you know and your surroundings to be recognised within the community, but BAWR is here to uplift and highlight hard working women who are never recognised for their hard-work.

What qualifies one to win a BAWR award?

We look at people’s character, their hard-work of cause and the consistency in what they do or have done within 3-5 year period.

What is your 5 year vision for the brand?

The 5 year vision, is to reach-out more to Africa and grow bigger as a brand.

What are you truly passionate about?

I am passionate in women empowerment just to see women doing amazingly well within their line of business and career, as a woman I think it’s very important to have that network around where you are celebrated and appreciated for your work.

What has surprised you most?

Nothing surprises me anymore when working with women because anything can happen. Could be positive or negative, but as a woman of faith I stay in my lane and look up to God for all that I do.

How many hours do you work everyday on this project?

I dedicate at least 2/3 hours daily because I still have my 9-5 job and have a house to run on my own.

How far are you willing to go to see it succeed?

As far as I can, if it will take me another 5 years then I am prepared to make a difference within the African community.

What has been your biggest mistake building your brand?

My biggest mistake has been giving people power over my brand without my research on their strengths and their interests on the brand.

How have you been able to overcome these mistakes?

In life sometimes you have to hang on to what you believe in , for me it’s prayer and faith, God always makes a way or shows you the way to go about certain paths in your journey.
When no one believes in you, then as you grow, the more you see the vision clearer the more you start believing in yourself even more, which is the main key cause we look for people’s validations on our dreams.

What are you most worried about?

I am worried that if I die today will my vision die with me or someone will carry the vision forward.

Do you see yourself as an underdog?

No I don’t cause I stay on my lane and never in competition with anyone. I do the best I can with what I have at each present moment.

What has been your biggest asset since building your brand?

My biggest asset has been the impact BAWR has had to many who come to my email and inbox, changing one life matters to me than anything else to be honest.

As a single parent, how do you cope with all the responsibilities?

It’s been a hard road and still is a hard place, raising 2 boys it’s a challenge but I promised myself that I will never stop my children from having a relationship with their dad no matter what, financial strain can be hard and painful but, we’re still standing and having a comfortable life with the boys.

What advice do you have for other women doing their own thing ?

All I can say never give up on your dreams, I am a co-author of a book “Untold stories of resilience” will be marketing and selling the book in all my networks. I look forward to doing my own book in the near future.